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Lightning kills 8 including 3 kids in DG Khan, Sibbi, Loralai, Pakistan

Lightning killed eight including three kids on Saturday in Loralai, Sibbi and Dera Ghazi Khan while three other kids were injured in the incidents, reported Dunya News.
In Dera Ghazi Khan’s suburb area Pagan, lightning claimed lives of at least two people and injured one.
Meanwhile, one youth died in Loralai’s area of B and R Colony while two laborers died in Daki as lightning struck upon a coalmine.
On the other hand, lightning fell on a house in Waam Tangi area of Harnaai, near Sibbi, and killed three kids on the spot while critically injuring other three.
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Depth: 2 km

Distances: 280 km S of Saint Helier, Jersey / pop: 28,000 / local time: 19:58:43.3 2015-10-25
70 km SW of Nantes, France / pop: 277,269 / local time: 20:58:43.3 2015-10-25
43 km W of La Roche-sur-Yon, France / pop: 59,410 / local time: 20:58:43.3 2015-10-25
5 km W of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie / pop: 7,280 / local time: 20:58:00.0 2015-10-25

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Firefighters Battle Fire At A Chemical Plant In Atmore, USA

Chemical Alert

Firefighters spent several hours battling a fire at a chemical plant in Atmore.
Smoke was reported Saturday morning at Sunbelt Chemicals, located just off Highway 31 near the Atmore Country Club. The source of the smoke was traced to a smoldering fire inside insulation  located over an office area inside the plant. The insulation contained sulfur dust that was burning, official said.
Firefighters worked for hours to remove the smoldering insulation. There were no injuries reported, and officials say the fire poised no danger to the public.
The plant manufactures and distributes sulfur products.
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Major fire kills at least 17 and dozens hospitalized at an Indonesia karaoke bar

Fire Alert_1

Seventeen people were killed in a fire that raced through a packed karaoke bar early Sunday on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, and 71 others were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.
Witnesses told authorities the fire started at around 1 a.m. on the second floor of the three-story building as hundreds of people were singing in private rooms at the Inul Vizta Karaoke club in downtown Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province, said the city police chief Col. Rio Permana. Workers were unable to put out fires with extinguishers.
Many complained that fire engines arriving late, about an hour later. It took firefighters several hours to bring the blaze under control.
“We are still investigating the cause of fire,” Pernama said, but a preliminary investigation indicated a short circuit.
He said some panicked people smashed windows and fled into the street while many others were stuck in choking black smoke billowing from the second floor as there was only one access door to the building.
All 17 people who died were Indonesians. Most died from smoke inhalation injuries rather than burns, Permana said.
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Severe storm causes mayhem in Israel

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert

Intense stormy weather socked Israel Sunday morning, killing one person, briefly shuttering an airport, bringing highways to a standstill and causing other havoc and damage in multiple cities.
In Pardes Hanna, a 20-year-old construction worker was killed when a wall in a construction site was toppled by strong winds that buffeted the area, along with heavy rains.
A 20-year-old in Hadera was seriously injured when a tree fell on the bus she was riding in.
Temperatures will remain unseasonably warm Sunday, even as the country is drenched by strong downpours that began in the morning and will grow stronger in the evening.
The small Sde Dov airport in northern Tel Aviv was closed for a few hours due to dangerous weather conditions, but has been reopened. Israel’s main international airport, Ben-Gurion Airport, saw no disruptions in service, officials said.
Strong winds of up to 90 kilometers per hour (55 miles per hour) were felt in Tel Aviv and in the Sharon region to the metropolis’s north, according to Israel’s weather service.
The strongest gusts were felt in the seaside town of Herzliya, where residents were briefly pelted with hail amid the downpour. Rains were heavy enough in the southern coastal cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon to make driving difficult.
A construction crane toppled over on Tel Aviv’s Menachem Begin Boulevard, while several streets in Tel Aviv and the nearby suburb of Givatayim were blocked due to a fallen tree.
In Haifa, the nation’s second-largest seaport has ceased operations. Work at the port is expected to be renewed by evening.
Most communities in the Hula Valley, in the north, suffered a blackout after a major power line near Kibbutz Sde Eliezer broke down.
Israel Electric Company employees were at the scene trying to restore power. 
A fallen tree on the Ayalon Highway that cuts through central Tel Aviv stopped traffic at the Kibbutz Galuyot Junction. The exit to Kibbutz Galuyot was closed at 9:40 a.m. and remained closed an hour later.
One man was wounded on Safed Street in Netanya when an electricity pole fell onto a road. The poll burst into flames, sparking a fire adjacent to a school. Firefighters are battling the blaze.
The weather has caused minor blackouts in several wind-struck towns and cities, including Netanya, Ramat Hasharon, Petah Tikva and Givat Shmuel, leading to disruptions in train services in those cities. Dozens of people are trapped in elevators in city centers due to the blackouts, and emergency crews are working to extract them.
By noon, the stormy weather had moved into the Jerusalem area.
The Mediterranean is also expected to be dangerously stormy, authorities warned. Waves are expected to reach three meters (nine feet) in height.
Temperatures are nevertheless unseasonably warm, ranging from 17°-28° Celsius (63°-82° Fahrenheit) in Jerusalem, 21°-29°C (70°-84°F) in Tel Aviv and 20°-29°C (68°-84°F) in Haifa.
Temperatures are expected to drop dramatically Monday, with occasional rains and concern over flooding in desert valleys in the east and south.
Rain will continue throughout the week, forecasters say.
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Depth: 8 km

Distances: 155 km W of Athens, Greece / pop: 729,137 / local time: 17:46:04.3 2015-10-25
31 km W of Trípoli, Greece / pop: 26,561 / local time: 17:46:04.3 2015-10-25

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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 14km (9mi) E of Raoul Island, New Zealand
937km (582mi) SSW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
1032km (641mi) NE of Whangarei, New Zealand
1079km (670mi) NNE of Whakatane, New Zealand
1088km (676mi) NE of North Shore, New Zealand



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Depth: 63 km

Distances: 20km (12mi) N of Tres Palos, Mexico
77km (48mi) ENE of Las Guacamayas, Mexico
77km (48mi) WSW of Huetamo de Nunez, Mexico
79km (49mi) NE of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico
284km (176mi) WSW of Mexico City, Mexico


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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 48 km W of Los Angeles, United States / pop: 3,792,621 / local time: 04:05:01.5 2015-10-25
7 km NW of Malibu Beach, United States / pop: 13,769 / local time: 04:05:01.5 2015-10-25

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