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Thousands of dead fish found floating in a lake in Florida, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials are working to figure out how thousands of fish turned up dead at Orlando’s Lake Ivanhoe.
Frank Hilgenberg, who lives near the lake, reached out to us, concerned about what he saw Thursday morning.
“I could smell it when I walked around the corner, because I’m upwind, and I thought, ‘Hmm,'” Hilgenberg said. “I saw guys digging around, and as I got closer I realized there’s, like, eight or 10 of them, and they’re all netting out, unfortunately, the dead fish.”
Officials from the city of Orlando and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said they are working to determine what killed the fish.
FWC said they don’t think it’s anything toxic that’s killing fish.  They say it’s possibly something environmental that’s causing the fish to turn up dead, but at this point they don’t know for sure.
City streets and stormwater crews were called to remove the dead fish from the lake and put them in garbage bags. The water is also being tested.
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80,000+ birds killed due to avian flu in South Korea

Bird Flu

South Korea confirmed a new case of bird flu on Thursday, bringing the total to eight over the last one-month period.
The Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said ducks at a poultry farm in Yeongam, 384 kilometers south of Seoul, tested positive for the H5N8 strain of avian influenza (AI).
All 27,000 ducks were culled on Monday as a precautionary measure, after some birds showed signs of being sick before they were to be shipped out, it said.
“The farm has been under quarantine ever since with the area being decontaminated to prevent the virulent virus from spreading,” a ministry official said.
He said officials at the site are following set operating procedures to restrict movement of traffic, taking all necessary steps to create a firewall and track the movement of potential risks in efforts to control the spread of AI.
“As of today, 81,520 birds have been culled since the middle of September,” he said.
The latest outbreak is viewed as a continuation of the outbreak that hit the country from Sept. 24, 2014, through to June 10 of this year.
Birds at two duck farms in South Jeolla Prince first tested positive for AI on Sept. 18, followed by two traditional markets, a holding facility and an eatery that serves poultry. There was another duck farm that was infected late last month.
For now, all confirmed outbreaks have been contained in the southwestern part of the country.
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56,000 fish dead due to drought in Jambi, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Not less than 56 thousand heads of seeds and the parent fish in Batang regency, Jambi reportedly died as a result of prolonged drought in the area. Seeds and the parent fish in the pond are not getting adequate water supply. 
Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Batang states, tens of thousands of dead fish seed that is owned by the government in Fish Seed Center (BBI). A number of dead fish began to be seen since September 2015 last. 
Head of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Batang, Hadramin Nida said, the pool is located in the village of Simpang Karmeo, District Bathin XXIV. He said the deaths of tens of thousands of fingerlings BBI was caused because the water supply to the 34 pools BBI has dried up since September. 
“The supply of water comes from tributaries Batang. Supply minimal because the water source of the tributaries dry up,” said Hadramin in Jambi, Tuesday (20/10/2015). 
Due to interrupted water supplies, shrinking the pool water. The water temperature also heats up and oxygen in the pond was thinning. As a result, the fish die. 
According Hadramin, fish farming in pond BBI Batang regency, there are three types. Among these are catfish, catfish, and tilapia. “Catfish and catfish so far no one has died. Tens of thousands of dead fish are species of tilapia,” he said 
Furthermore Hadramin mentioned, total tilapia reached 56 thousand heads over. 40 thousand measuring 1 inch, 15 thousand heads measuring 1.5 inches. While the rest is the parent fish. 
“Parent fish that died more than 1,000 head, 791 females and 390 males. It’s a big loss for us,” added Hadramin. 
This year, the revenue target of Batang regency BBI pond in the village of Simpang Karmeo Rp 92 million. So far only realized the target of Rp 48 million, or 53 percent. Seeing the long drought and water supply pool no, feared the target revenue (PAD) of the pool BBI will not be achieved.
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Market fire ‘kills 15 traders’ in Zamboanga, Philippines

Fire Alert_1

Fifteen traders including six children have been killed in a fire at a public market in the Philippines, police say.
About 13 others were injured in the blaze at a market in the southern city of Zamboanga.
The fire began when sparks from low-hanging electric cables set fire to umbrellas and piles of used clothing, police said.
The victims were reportedly traders who slept at their stalls ahead of the busy weekend market.
The blaze was so strong that the authorities were forced to rely on assistance from volunteers from nearby neighbourhoods to put it out, local fire chief Dominador Zabala told the Inquirer newspaper.
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Subject To Change

Depth: 8 km

Distances: 236 km NE of Andorra la Vella, Andorra / pop: 20,430 / local time: 22:21:55.9 2015-11-01
110 km NW of Montpellier, France / pop: 248,252 / local time: 22:21:55.9 2015-11-01
31 km E of Rodez, France / pop: 28,337 / local time: 22:21:55.9 2015-11-01
8 km W of Sévérac-le-Château, France / pop: 2,565 / local time: 22:21:55.9 2015-11-01

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Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 139 km E of Kaohsiung, Taiwan / pop: 1,519,711 / local time: 05:09:42.0 2015-11-02
53 km E of Taitung City, Taiwan / pop: 110,941 / local time: 05:09:42.0 2015-11-02

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Subject To Change

Depth: 9 km

Distances: 133 km E of Milan, Italy / pop: 1,306,661 / local time: 21:20:41.6 2015-11-01
32 km SW of Trento, Italy / pop: 104,946 / local time: 21:20:41.6 2015-11-01
3 km N of Molina di Ledro, Italy / pop: 1,498 / local time: 21:20:41.6 2015-11-01

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Pilot dies after plane crashes into the sea during air show in Brazil

Plane Crash Alert

The pilot who commanded the plane that crashed into the sea during a presentation at the bar on Saturday, 31. Robson André Textor was rescued by Air Reverse Split divers Military Police (Graer) and taken to the Portuguese Hospital, but succumbed to his injuries, according to the Superintendence of Telecommunications of Police (Stelecom). He was part of the civil fleet Textor Air Show, Goiás. Robson André was part of the team along with his father and brother, according to Maj Celino, the advisory aeronautics.
They have already made more than 350 appearances for Brazil. The event was part of the “Saturday Air”, sponsored by the Air Base Salvador (Basv), in Barra, commemorating the day Aviator.
According to witnesses, the aircraft was doing a stunt in the air approaching from the sea and the pilot failed to maneuver, crashing hard into the water.
The university Decius Calado said the feeling is that the plane ran out of control. “It was a maneuver that went up and then the aircraft was falling, looked like it was out of control. The plane crashed once in the water and sank immediately. It was tense and people approached on the balustrade time.”
The Air Force said rescuers were ready and were driven away. The public, who witnessed the fall and searches for the pilot shouted celebrating a ransom for him. But he went unconscious and had to receive cardiac massage, according to the the engineering student, Victor Souza, who witnessed the action.
The causes of the accident are still unknown, but the aircraft will undergo expertise.
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Yellow Alert Issued – Heavy Fog Causes Travel Disruption In UK

Fog Alert

Heathrow cancels more than 50 flights and more travel delays are expected when schools return on Monday morning
Thick fog is causing travel delays, with more disruption expected as schools return from the half-term break.
Some flights are being cancelled or diverted due to the weather, and passengers are advised to check the status of their flights before travelling to airports.
Airports affected include London Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Leeds Bradford and Liverpool.
Heathrow cancelled more than 50 of its flights on Sunday.
A British Airways flight from Sao Paulo to London was diverted to Glasgow because of thick fog, and an Air India plane was diverted to Paris.
The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for most of England and parts of Wales tonight, and drivers are being urged to slow down because of reduced visibility.
Dense fog is expected to remain on Monday morning, causing traffic delays as pupils return to school after the week-long holiday.
Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang said: “Fog has formed widely with visibility below 100m in many areas.
“It will cause delays at some of the major airports, and make driving slow and difficult at times.”
She said bonfires and firework displays will also add to the gloomy conditions this week as people celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.
“Smoke particles are hygroscopic – they attract water molecules from the atmosphere – which encourages fog to form at lower humidity levels than in less polluted air,” Lang added.
Trawsgoed in Wales enjoyed considerably better weather – breaking the record for the UK’s warmest November day with temperatures of 22.3C – hotter than Barcelona and the Algarve.
The previous record was 21.7C, recorded in Prestatyn, Wales, in 1946.
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Subject To Change

Depth: 100 km

Distances: 569 km SW of Sucre, Bolivia / pop: 224,838 / local time: 11:16:16.1 2015-11-01
213 km E of Antofagasta, Chile / pop: 309,832 / local time: 12:16:16.1 2015-11-01
42 km S of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile / pop: 2,000 / local time: 12:16:16.1 2015-11-01

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