Thousands of dead fish washing ashore due to red tide in Florida, USA

Fish Kill Alert

For weeks, we’ve been telling you how red tide has been affecting locals and visitors in Panama City Beach, but it’s affecting the shores of other cities too.
On Wednesday afternoon there were still a lot of dead fish at the Destin Harbor, but it was nothing compared to that morning. Locals say thousands of dead fish were washing ashore.
Crews came and cleaned up the mess, but when you look in the water, you can still see tons of dead fish floating in the water. The FWC released a new report on red tide Wednesday afternoon. It’s been found in high concentrations in six samples in and along the Bay County shores, and satellite images show red tide also on the shores of Walton, Gulf and Okaloosa Counties.
Extensive fish kill and respiratory problems have been reported in Bay, Gulf, Walton, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa Counties. Locals say all of the dead fish is a sore sight to see on their beautiful beaches.
“It’s horrible we’ve got fish everywhere on the beach,” said Destin Resident Dan Dias. “Everyone’s coughing, getting the sinus problem from the fish being on the beach. It’s just very nasty and dirty.”
“I’ve smelt the really bad smell coming over the bridge,” said Fort Walton Beach Resident Jessica Hernandez. “I’ve seen earlier they had a whole bunch of fish out there.”
“Yes I’ve heard about it because I’m a local fisherman around here and I’ve just experienced it through the years,” said Jalen Robinson. “I really don’t find nothing really wrong with it besides you see a bunch of dead fish and the water’s red so it really kind of makes you question eating the seafood around here.”
No word yet on when the red tide will let up, but for now, if you have any type of chronic respiratory problem like asthma or COPD, FWC officials advise that you avoid the beach at this time.
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