Thousands of fish dead in a river due to pollution in Pelalawan Regency, Indonesia

Thousands of dead fish lying on the surface Kerumutan River. Allegedly, the death of thousands of fish this river due to sewage contaminated Palm Oil Mill (MCC) oil palm plantation PT Makmur Mainstay Oil (PT MAS) operating in the village of Dusun Tua District of Pangkalan Lesung. 
Thousands of dead fish were found local residents on Thursday (31/12) yesterday morning. Some types of fish poisoning among catfish flounder, sabaan yellow fish, fish tunggik, toman rice or cork, and bade fish (full moon). 
“There are hundreds of kilograms of fish were collected residents. The fish are floating on the surface of the river. There are dead and some are already weak gasping dying,” said Saidina Ali (56), Chairman of the District Pokmaswas Base Dimples. 
Saidina Ali were also community leaders in District admitted Dimples got a call of local residents. “I was with the Department of Fisheries Base Dimples UPTD straight down taking samples of water and fish,” he explained as he mentions in addition to citizens taken many more fish are still floating in the River Kerumutan precisely in Base Village Tambun Malako District of Bandar Petangan. 
“The cause of death of these fish are allegedly due to sewage spills MCC PT MAS operating in the village of Dusun Tua Subdistrict Base Dimples,” he said, adding besides fish floating in the river brought palm oil spill seems to flow from the downstream of the river. 
Mentioned, based on reports H Dasman familiarly called H ODAS, dead fish was first discovered around 07.00 am in the morning. He said, the companies are also on site to take samples of the same.
“I did not meet directly with the company. But the fish that died I saw straight including an abundance of palm oil which according to residents accidentally discarded,” said Saidina Ali. 
“The samples of water and fish taken by the Department of Fisheries and BLH,” he continued. 
Head of the Environment Agency (BLH) Pelalawan H Syamsul Anwar SH, MH confirmed separately said it had deployed a team to the location. 
“Already we lower the verification team to identify the source of contamination to the field,” he explained. 
Asked about the results of the verification, Syamsul do not want to speculate. “The results are still waiting for team work in the field,” he concluded.
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