Severe hail storm pounds Corning, California, USA

Hail storm pounds Corning
A lone supercell thunderstorm passing over Corning and its surrounding areas on Saturday produced hail that damaged roofs, vehicles, homes, collapsed porches and blanketed the ground in a shroud of white.
The storm also produced star-shaped hailstones that tied a state record of 3 inches, according to the National Weather Service office in Sacramento.
The storm spawned at least one funnel cloud that touched down, but there were no reports of damage from the mini-tornado.
The Corning neighborhood of Stanmar and Divisidero saw the worst of the storm with hail accumulating inches deep and requiring the assistance of the Corning Fire Department and Corning Public Works Department to clear the hail.
Resident Bucky Bowen reported to the Corning City Council during Tuesday’s meeting, “Almost every home in the neighborhood sustained some type of damage. Volunteer firefighters showed right up and did an amazing job helping us out.”
He also talked about public works bringing a front-end loader to clear the accumulated hail into a single pile, loading the pile in a dump truck and hauling it away to an empty field.
“They all worked into the night to help the residents in my neighborhood,” Bowen said.
In addition to the Stanmar neighborhood emergency, there was a report to the Corning Police Department of a carport collapsing onto a vehicle on Mission Drive due to the hail, a porch collapsed on Mobile Drive damaging vehicles and other reports of damage to structures and vehicles.
The work to assess and repair the damage sustained during the historic storm is still ongoing.
As the sun continues to shine on the town this week and the pile of hail melts, residents are working to assess and repair the damage sustained during the historic storm — before the next one hits.
According to forecasts, Corning could see some rain today and Friday, but beyond that clear skies over the weekend providing an opportunity for residents to fix what needs to be fixed.
So far this month, Corning has received 6.92 inches of precipitation with more expected into February — much different from last year’s extremely dry weather.
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