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Depth: 44 km

Distances: 51km (32mi) ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan
59km (37mi) ESE of Yamoto, Japan
69km (43mi) ESE of Wakuya, Japan
71km (44mi) E of Matsushima, Japan
350km (217mi) NNE of Tokyo, Japan



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Depth: 1 km

Distances: 788 km N of Phoenix, United States / pop: 1,445,632 / local time: 02:34:54.9 2016-02-24
32 km SE of Salt Lake City, United States / pop: 186,440 / local time: 02:34:54.9 2016-02-24
14 km W of Midway, United States / pop: 3,845 / local time: 02:34:54.9 2016-02-24

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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 48 km E of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 15:07:18.0 2016-02-24
25 km SW of Kodāri, Nepal / pop: 1,600 / local time: 15:07:18.0 2016-02-24

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Depth: 95 km

Distances: 6km (4mi) SSE of El Puerto, Dominican Republic
19km (12mi) WSW of Hato Mayor del Rey, Dominican Republic
19km (12mi) N of Quisqueya, Dominican Republic
21km (13mi) E of Bayaguana, Dominican Republic
63km (39mi) ENE of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Plane With 23 On Board Crashes In Nepal

Plane Crash Alert

At least 23 people are feared to have been killed in a passenger plane crash in a mountainous area in Nepal.
Rescuers launched a desperate search for the jet after it went missing minutes after taking off. 
Nepal’s interior minister Aananda Prasad Pokharel said the burnt wreckage was found several hours later in the remote Myagdi district.
He said bodies could be seen scattered around the wreckage.
The passenger plane lost contact after taking off from Pokhara – a resort town west of Kathmandu.
Officials said it was heading north on a short 20-minute flight to Jomsom, the starting point for trekkers going into the mountains.
The Twin Otter aircraft, which is operated by domestic airline Tara Air, is understood to have been flying in poor visibility.
Among the passengers and crew are two foreign citizens – one from China and one from Kuwait.
The remaining passengers are Nepalese, two of them children.
No British citizens are thought to have been on board.
Earlier, Jomsom’s police chief said rescue efforts were focused on the village of Rupshe, where residents reported hearing a large explosion.
Nepal, which is still reeling from last April’s devastating earthquake, has suffered a number of air disasters in recent years.
Most have been blamed on inadequate maintenance and inexperienced pilots.
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Massive tornado causes mayhem in Convent RV park, USA

Tornado Alert

At least one person died and at least 29 were transported to the hospital Tuesday Tuesday (Feb. 23) after a tornado hit the Sugar Hill RV Park in Convent, according to St. James Parish officials and multiple reports.
Fox 8 reported that one person had died, and said its crews saw 20 to 30 overturned RVs at the park in St. James Parish. A WWL reporter tweeted that at least 100 RVs were damaged.
Acadian Ambulance reported at about 6:30 p.m. that it had transported 29 injured patients from the RV park to the hospital.
St. James Parish officials confirmed that emergency responders were on scene assessing injuries and damage. 
The National Weather Service confirmed there were multiple injuries in Convent and a possible fatality.
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Depth: 2 km

Distances: 286 km S of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,837,969 / local time: 16:38:58.2 2016-02-23
90 km E of Olympia, United States / pop: 46,478 / local time: 16:38:58.2 2016-02-23
69 km SE of Tacoma, United States / pop: 198,397 / local time: 16:38:58.2 2016-02-23
39 km E of Eatonville, United States / pop: 2,758 / local time: 16:38:58.2 2016-02-23

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Depth: 22 km

Distances: 195 km NW of Los Angeles, United States / pop: 3,792,621 / local time: 16:02:23.6 2016-02-23
37 km NW of Bakersfield, United States / pop: 347,483 / local time: 16:02:23.6 2016-02-23
7 km SW of Wasco, United States / pop: 25,545 / local time: 16:02:23.6 2016-02-23

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20 TONS of fish die in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia

Photo By news.okezone
Total of 20 tonnes of fish floating net keramba belonging to farmer in Lake Maninjau, Agam, West Sumatra, sudden death due to lack of oxygen.
“This temporary data. The possibility of any additional due on Friday, February 19, the number of fish with a type of carp and tilapia died only around five tons, “said head of the Department of marine and Fisheries Agam, Ermanto at the bottom of Basung, Sunday 21 February.
He reveals, 20 tons of dead fish by size ready to harvest is derived from swaths of 50 keramba NET buoyancy in Nagari Bayu, Maninjau, and Duo Koto.
These fish die due to lack of oxygen after strong winds hit the region since a few days ago. Due to this incident, farmers estimated losses of roughly Rp360 million.
“That loss was not so much, make haste to harvest fish that’s been great, reduce giving feed fish, and move the fish into the pool to another,” he said.
He suggested to set the distance between the keramba of roughly 10 meters and always provide water pumps for the sake of adding oxygen.
“In addition, farmers have to pause a couple of months to do other activities so that the water conditions become normal,” he said.
He posited, the death of fish in Lake Maninjau first is the first in 2016. While in 2015 approximately 175 tons of fish CAGES in the Lake Maninjau died suddenly with a loss of about Rp3 billion.
In 2014, a total of 1087.38 tons of dead fish, eight tons in 2013, in 2012 as many as 300 tonnes in 2011 as much as 500 tons, and 2010 as much as 500 tons.
Members of the DPRD Agam, Muhammad Abrar, concerned by the deaths of dozens of tons fish belonging to the farmers in the Lake Maninjau.
“Forward this should look for solutions so that farmers do not suffer losses. Farmers had to pause when the weather struck the ektrem Agam, “he said.
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Dozens of dead birds found along a highway in Ohio, USA

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is investigating the death of dozens of birds found Saturday along Interstate 680 in Youngstown.
Passers-by spotted the carcasses of large black birds along the north bound lane near Midlothian Boulevard.
ODNR Wildlife Officer Jesse Janosik told 21 News that he would take photographs of the dead birds and collect samples for testing.
Janosik says he expects it will take a couple of days before it is determined what caused the animals to die.
According to the Division of Wildlife website, ODNR actively follows up on reports of any wildlife diseases in Ohio and monitors the health of wildlife populations to ensure their long-term conservation.
The ODNR Division of Wildlife website lists several diseases affecting birds including Avian Flu, West Nile Virus and Conjunctivitis.
There is no indication if any of those diseases played a part in the death of these birds.
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