200 TONS of fish found dead in a lake in Alfenas, Brazil

Mais de 200 toneladas de tilápia são encontradas mortas no Lago de Furnas, em Alfenas, MG (Foto: Polícia Militar de Meio Ambiente)
(Photo: Military Police of the Environment)
More than 200 tons of dead fish were removed from the Furnas Lake on Sunday (1st) in Alfenas (MG). According to the Military Police of the Environment, both fish raised in ponds, networks and those who are released, all of the tilapia species in the lake were affected. The damage to the psicultores is estimated at around R $ 900 thousand.
The psicultora Cristiane Marina dos Santos Novais lost, along with the family, the entire production of 600,000 fish. She says that the water is red and the oxygen level dropped. “The oxygen was much lower, was 1 [ppm part per million of acronym], when the normal would be 10 [ppm]. In the last 48 hours, the water is very red,” he says.
Police said a psicultor said on Thursday (28) had already found a lot of dead fish. In Areado (Minas Gerais), a fish death case was also recorded.
Also according to the Environmental Police, a collection of water was made in tanks keeper and another at the Company’s treatment plant Sanitation Minas Gerais (Copasa). The material collected will be analyzed by the University of Alfenas (Unifal) to identify the cause of fish death.
The psicultor and agronomist Geraldo Magela de Faria Krauss had 4000 fish production that has affected in Areado. For him, the water was contaminated. “Something is infecting these fish because it is the entire dam”, he said.
Cristiane suspected that the killing was caused by a type of algae known as red algae. “We had never heard of this alga and we are very scared,” he said. “[Let’s find out the origin of this alga] whether it is through effluents or the dam itself,” he says.
Courtesy of g1.globo.com

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