2,600+ Turtles and thousands of sea birds found dead during past 6 months in southern Brazil

Photo: Images – TAMAR / Disclosure Project
In six months, the Basin Beaches Monitoring Project of Santos , led by Univali in Itajai, collected more than 2,600 dead turtles between Ubatuba (SP) and Laguna (SC) _ an average of 14 per day. Most are victims of human interference, and they are not the only victims: birds had an even higher mortality, with more than 4,800 record in the last 180 days.
The numbers spooked even the researchers. André Barreto, coordinator of the project, says it will be necessary to gather new data to understand whether it is an isolated phenomenon, or proof that the marine life is threatened. 
_ It was an atypical year, under the influence of El Niño. We want to understand whether the killing was out of the ordinary, or if you do not know these numbers because we could not see.
Photo: See Description / See Description
Among the birds, it is possible that a meteorological phenomenon has interfered in the death of about 2,000 copies of a seabird known as a great fool, and that migrates from the Northern Hemisphere to the South. The animals were found in a 20 day period, possibly victims of a cold front. 
Among the turtles, the main cause of death is fishing and waste which negligently human, will stop at sea. The friendly green turtles, the same as turned character in Nemo movie, are the most up dead on beaches _ coincidentally, those living closer to the coast. 
living or debilitated animals found also receive design attention. Currently there are turtles and birds in treatment in Florianópolis, Tamar and R3 Institute. Five new stabilization bases are under construction in the country – three of them in SC in South San Francisco, Laguna and Penha, which already has a base maintained by Univali and will be reformed. Florianópolis win one of the five rehabilitation units, and Imbituba have a support base.
Courtesy of dc.clicrbs.com.br

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