Plane catches fire shortly after taking off from Gallatin airport, USA

Courtesy: Submitted
A small plane caught on fire shortly after taking off from a Gallatin airport Friday afternoon.
It happened at the Sumner County Regional Airport on Airport Road just after 2 p.m.
According to officials, the pilot returned to the airport after he detected smoke.
“I was at the end of the runway, maybe 100 feet off the ground, and I saw a little bit of smoke so I said, ‘I’m going back.’ And I saw fire and 10 seconds later I couldn’t even see because there was so much smoke,” pilot Gregory Harms said.
Harms and his two grandchildren, ages 10 and 13, were on board the 1963 fixed-wing plane at the time. They were all able to escape and the children were taken to a local hospital as a precaution.
“This is probably going to traumatize them. I don’t like that,” Harms said.
The fire has since been extinguished and the plane is considered a complete loss.
Authorities remain on the scene examining the plane and scene.
The investigation is ongoing.
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