Very Powerful Explosions With Ash Plumes 3-4 km Tall At Santiaguito Volcano In Guatemala

Eruption column of Santiaguito from this morning’s explosion (image: CONRED)
The activity at the Caliente lava dome remains very elevated: a series of 3 powerful explosions occurred this morning (around 07:45 local time), yesterday evening (17:45) and Saturday morning. 
The eruptions produced ash plumes that rose 3-4 km above the dome and multiple pyroclastic flows that traveled up to 2 m length mainly on its southern and eastern sides. Moderate to heavy ash fall occurred in areas south-west of the dome complex, including the towns and villages of Nuevo Palmar, San Felipe Retalhuleu, Aldea Loma Linda, San Marcos Palajunoj El Patrocinio and others. 
According to INSIVUMEH, the explosion sounds could be heard up to 30 km away and ballistic ejecta (blocks and volcanic bombs) landed in up to 3 km distance. The current phase of activity has been the highest recorded at the volcano since at least 2 years.
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