Devastating Hailstorm Wipes Out Crops In Las Cruces, New Mexico

Hail Alert

A rainstorm quickly turned into a hailstorm in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
The storm didn’t last very long, but the damage stuck around the day after.
Farmers at the Fabian Garcia Research Institute for New Mexico State University began cleaning up the mess the storm left behind.
“It was hard and I honestly want to say this research farm here on University Avenue got it worse than anywhere I’ve seen even on campus,” senior research specialist, Danise Coon said.
The Institute at Fabian Garcia is well known for producing chile but the rain caused enough damage to jeopardize the crop.
On Thursday, chile and onion crops remained flooded by rain water.
Quarter-size hail destroyed an estimated 30 percent of both the vineyards at the facility.
Project Coordinator for Viticulture Daniel Goodrich told KFOX14 many berries were going to be lost.
Even though the storm ruined many of the plants at the institute, researchers remain hopeful some plants will make a comeback.
“Hopefully they’ll come out of it and will come out stronger than before,” Coon said.
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