Ash Emissions Cause Airport To Close Down Temporarily At Nevado Del Ruiz Volcano In Colombia

Ash emission from Nevado del Ruiz yesterday
The volcano remains restless and produces intermittent ash explosions of varying size. An emission of ash yesterday forced the regional La Nubia airport to close down for a few hours and the volcano observatory reported a new pulse likely occurring a short time ago. 
While many emissions cannot be directly observed due to cloud cover, they have been rather frequent recently. Similar explosions were also observed on 17, 18, and 20 May when fine ash fall occurred in Manizales town 30 km northwest of the volcano. 
According to SGC (Colombian Geological Survey), the volcano’s seismic activity remains elevated at fluctuating levels, but has been showing a slight decrease overall during the past weeks. It continues to be dominated by internal fluid movements which reflect the interaction of water and magmatic gasses at shallow depth that occasional results in explosions and more often in a strong degassing plume reaching up to 1500-2000 m height. 
A particular kind of seismic activity – so-called drum-beat signals – were also observed on 13 May. These are short regular pulses of tremor believed to result from regular sudden, stick-slip movements of viscous magma inside a conduit. 
The volcano’s alert level remains at “yellow” on the 4 color Colombian scale.
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