2 Humpback whales found dead on beaches in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Two humpback whales were found stranded dead on Monday in southern Santa Catarina. One on the beach of Balneario Rincón and another on the beach Ibiraquera (Imbituba). The strandings Protocol of Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the Baleia Franca / ICMBio and Beaches Monitoring Program of the Santos Basin (PMP-BS) were driven to meet occurrences.
On 27 teams moved up to Balneario Rincão to evaluate the male juvenile animal 7.80 meters long. On Saturday morning the teams joined forces to collect samples and seek to determine the cause of death of another young male 8.48 meters long. In both cases, interactions were not detected with fishing gear and / or collision with vessels, however, they had a body weakness and lack of stomach contents. Laboratory tests may improve the diagnosis of death more accurately.
The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species that migrate from Antarctica to the Brazilian northeast coast during winter and spring to breed. The occurrence of strandings of this species is not common in the APA region Whale, as the migration occurs from the coast, but in 2015 was registered an atypical occurrence of species strandings in southern Brazil.
Participated in this action the Baleia Franca Project, the University of the State of Santa Catarina / UDESC – Laguna and APA Baleia Franca / ICMBio. The teams had the support of the governments of Imbituba and Balneario Rincão through the Works Departments, Tourism and Environment for proper disposal of carcasses of animals.
Courtesy of engeplus.com.br

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