Hundreds of fish die in a lake in Bengaluru, India

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish have died in one of the oldest and most popular lakes of Bengaluru on Sunday morning. The lake, which covers an area of around 150 acres in the Northern part of Bengaluru, is a well known habitat for bird watching.
However, the fish kill was confirmed only on Monday morning by Environmentalist Vijay Nishanth who visited the spot. “Hundreds of fish have already been cleared but one can clearly spot more floating dead ones near the bottom which will emerge in a day or two.” “It could be because of the sewage that flows directly into the lake,” added Vijay.
Sewage inflow into lakes has been one of the major causes of fish kill that took place recently in other lakes of the city. A storm water drain runs adjacent to the lake and residents had been complaining of a constant stench and the sewage flow which again was clearly visible.
The lake is under the Lake Development Authority (LDA) that should be ideally look after the well-being of the lake. However, the lake was leased out to a private group in 2006 by the LDA for maintenance.
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