Continuing lava dome growth and explosions, risk of new pyroclastic flows at Sinabung volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia

Explosion from Sinabung this morning (10 June 2016) (photo: Andi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
The eruption of the volcano continues with little changes: viscous magma is accumulating at the summit lava dome and forms over-spilling lobes on the southeastern slope that are prone to collapse. Trapped gasses produce occasional vertical explosions with ash plumes that reach 1-2 km height mostly (s. image). 
Our correspondent Andi who is on location and talked with staff from the volcano observatory warned that the mass of new lava emplaced in unstable positions has again reached critical values, and might be producing new pyroclastic flows soon: 
“After the last big pyroclastic flow which devastated the village of Gamber on 21 May and killed 9 people there, the new lava dome has been growing, forming a (new) lava lobe that has been becoming longer each day. According to the observatory post, Sinabung has been effusing lava at a rate of approx. 300.000 cubic meters per day and by now, a volume of 1,5 million cubic m is hanging on the unstable southeastern upper flank (in the new lobe). 
Tremor have been decreasing today and seismicity is dominated by rockfalls due to pressure underneath. When the newest lava lobe collapses (and generates again dangerous pyroclastic density currents) is only a matter of time.
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