Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Hongze County, China

Starting from June 24, sihong County, Suqian city, hongze Lake town zhongyang sucheng district and town by many fishermen in captivity begin massive death. Reporter learned that, overnight, many fishermen all mariculturists in fish deaths, losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds.
In this regard, the Suqian City Environmental Protection Department said: “the days of heavy rain, fish hypoxia caused by death. ”
“These zones are now unable to find fish. “On July 5, Yang Zhen producers Ni Xiudong sucheng district, Suqian city, told the modern Express Reporter, he began in 1997 in hongze Lake fence culture, all zones with a total area of nearly 800 acres, but on June 23 after a heavy rain in the afternoon, he had raised more than 300,000 pounds of fish such as Hualian a left, all died.
On July 5, reporters take the Ni Xiudong, who boats to fish culture zones to see spirits and dead fish floating in the water has been cleaned up, but still has a very pungent fishy odor on the water, fishing net hung on the fish’s internal organs.
“Now the water, under water are waist-deep fish bones. “Another Sun Rui farmers told reporters that the fishermen’s preliminary statistics, the current loss of fish stocks has reached 1.5 million pounds.
It is understood that such things from 2010 as sometimes happens, but most affected fishermen this year, the heaviest losses. “Used to be a few samples of staff, take pictures, and then went below. “Fishermen are introduced, 6 years later, they still do not know what is wrong with these fish die, so even the avoidance, prevention are not able to do.
In this regard, the Suqian City Environmental Protection Department: “verified site, fence culture showed up dead fish ponds and hongze Lake area, there may be a problem due to heavy rain led to anoxic. Specific cause of dead fish from fishery departments make a ruling, I will cause dead fish for further investigation. ”
Department of environmental protection said, fishermen wondered: “hongze Lake is the water, why would hypoxia? Some more precipitation than we, why our fishermen being affected? ”
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