Freezing Temps Damages Banana Cultivation In The Vale do Ribeira, Brazil

Freeze Warning Alert

The low temperatures recorded in June directly influenced the quality of some products in São Paulo, causing damage and consequent price increases. In the region of Vale do Ribeira, for example, frosts have damaged banana cultivation.
Although temperatures in June have stayed within the historical average for the month between 12° C and 23° C in Sorocaba, the performance of three polar masses of strong intensity caused temperatures stayed below 10° C for several days in a row. Frost also generally occurred in several regions of the State. “Since the end of April, these masses of polar air into South America and caused the Brazil experienced intense cold,” says Alexandre Nascimento, meteorologist of Climatempo.
The impact was great and the injury must be felt by the producers until next year. According to Roberto Kobori, agricultural engineer and technical advisor of the Association of Bananicultores of the Ribeira Valley – ABAVAR, the loss was approximately 70% in the South and Southeast, which caused an increase of 30% to 40% on the cost of production.
The expert also that in addition to stopping the development of culture, the temperatures below 13° C cause damage to the bark. “As the remuneration is for the appearance of the fruit, the loss is great. Although stay nutritionally better, almost everyone cares about the visual and end up being harmed, “he explains.
For the cultivation of fruit, the ideal climate has temperatures between 20° C and 30° C, in addition to above 75% humidity and good rainfall. With the cold and dry winter climate, cultural practices, like good soil remediation and cleanup of the plant are recommended.
Unfortunately, the situation should not improve anytime soon, since the dry climate is not favorable for cultivation. The Weatherman points out that rainfall should stay within the average, i.e. little rain until the end of the month.
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