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Crane Collapses On New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge


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Depth: 6 km

Distances: 405 km NW of Los Angeles, United States / pop: 3,792,621 / local time: 14:38:38.9 2016-07-19
210 km S of Sacramento, United States / pop: 466,488 / local time: 14:38:38.9 2016-07-19
19 km S of Hollister, United States / pop: 34,928 / local time: 14:38:38.9 2016-07-19

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Earthquake Swarm


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Coach Crash And Fire Kills 26 In Taiwan

All 16 people on board the coach died after it caught fire
All 26 people on board a tour bus in Taiwan have died after it crashed into a highway railing en route to Taoyuan International Airport and burst into flames.
Taiwan’s official Central News Agency (CNA) reported that eyewitnesses had seen the coach swerving from lane to lane prior to the crash.
In addition to the driver and tour guide, who were both from Taiwan, the vehicle was carrying 24 Chinese tourists from the northeastern Liaoning province, who were on an eight-day tour.  
They had completed their visit and were heading to the airport to catch their flight home.
“The fire moved very fast. All 26 died,” Lu Jui-yao, from the National Highway Police Bureau, told reporters.          
Taoyuan’s fire chief, Lai Chi-chong, said all the victims died inside the bus.
“There was not enough time for them to escape,” he said. 
Images from the scene showed that both of the coach’s doors were pressed against the highway’s guard rail, making it impossible to open them. 
CNA reported that some of the bodies were piled up in front of the unopened emergency exit.
Many were said to be badly charred. 
Thirty firefighters were sent to the scene, while other drivers pulled over and tried to tackle the flames using fire extinguishers, but the fire had grown too big.
The cause is being investigated.
Taiwan’s cabinet spokesman, Tung Chen-yuan, said help would be provided to enable relatives of the victims from China to visit Taiwan.
According to Taiwanese government records, it is the deadliest accident involving Chinese visitors to Taiwan since the island opened to Chinese tourism in 2008. 
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Explosive Activity At Fuego Volcano In Guatemala

Strong explosion at Fuego with incandescent avalanches this morning (INSIVUMEH webcam)
Strombolian-type explosions have increased in size and frequency during the past days. Many of the explosions ejected lava bombs to several hundred meters above the crater and caused spectacular incandescent avalanches on the upper slopes. 
So far, no lava flow has accompanied the current peak of activity; whether it will continue to evolve further or is about to end is difficult to judge.
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New Ash Emissions At Suwanosejima Volcano In Tokara Islands, Japan

Ash plume from an explosion at Suwanose-jima volcano today (JMA webcam)
A new eruptive phase has begun at the volcano. Near-constant ash emissions of several hundred meters height are currently visible from the volcano’s On-take crater. 
The exact nature of the new activity is unknown, but could be phreatomagmatic explosions (magma-water interaction) or vigorous strombolian activity.
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Depth: 55 km

Distances: 173 km S of Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico / pop: 1,590,256 / local time: 08:42:46.1 2016-07-19
83 km E of Chilpancingo de los Bravos, Mexico / pop: 165,250 / local time: 08:42:46.1 2016-07-19
16 km NW of Xalpatlahuac, Mexico / pop: 4,054 / local time: 08:42:46.1 2016-07-19

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Depth: 196 km

Distances: 504 km S of Sucre, Bolivia, Plurinational State of / pop: 224,838 / local time: 09:36:51.4 2016-07-19
163 km NW of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina / pop: 305,891 / local time: 10:36:51.4 2016-07-19
96 km N of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina / pop: 4,000 / local time: 10:36:51.4 2016-07-19

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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 265 km SE of Almaty, Kazakhstan / pop: 2,000,900 / local time: 18:32:56.3 2016-07-19
126 km SE of Karakol, Kyrgyzstan / pop: 70,171 / local time: 18:32:56.3 2016-07-19
104 km NW of Aksu, China / pop: 340,020 / local time: 18:32:56.3 2016-07-19

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Depth: 30 km

Distances: 63 km E of Kawasaki, Japan / pop: 1,306,785 / local time: 12:57:50.9 2016-07-19
34 km SE of Chiba-shi, Japan / pop: 919,729 / local time: 12:57:50.9 2016-07-19
9 km E of Mobara, Japan / pop: 97,315 / local time: 12:57:50.9 2016-07-19

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