70 dead whales found washed up on a beach in southern Chile

20.07.16 Dead Whales In Chile

About 70 whales were found dead in the South of Chile in less than a year of the mass stranding of more than 330 cetaceans, discovered in another area of the Chilean Patagonia, the Servicio Nacional de Pesca (Sernapesca) reported.
Them animals were detected to some six hours of navigation from Puerto Chacabuco, region of Aysén, and by its size is ruled out that belong to the same species (Sei) of them more than 300 whales stranded to purposes of 2015.
“They are smaller than we saw last time, around 60 to 70 copies, which are much more accessible”, which will allow an inspection process in the coming days, said the director of Sernapesca, José Miguel Burgos.
Death would date more than two months, said the authorities.
The corpses are “still integers, so we are optimistic for necropsies, the adequate taking of samples” to determine the hypothesis of the stranding.
In the first mass stranding – due to the precariousness of the samples obtained, by the age of the remains at the time of its discovery – it was complex to determine an exact cause, being the most likely cause of death red tide.
In the new stranding “the first thing we have to address ourselves is if there is human intervention or not”, said Burgos.
Courtesy of eluniverso.com

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