Severe Snow Storm Cuts Off Homes In Gan Gan and Gastre, Argentina

En la zona de la meseta la caída de nieve fue intensa en los últimos días. <br>
Three trucks of Civil Defense and CORFO yesterday tried to reach the homes of the affected families to deliver food, water, mattresses and blankets. Meanwhile today, progress in road work by opening roads, hoping to stop snow and increase the heat to prevent melting.
More than one week ago in the area of the plateau of Chubut began to snow. First it was gradually and slowly. However, in the last days the intensity increased, leaving isolated to those settlers rural that had that be assisted.
Yesterday by fortune already not snowed. Even so, in Gan Gan and Gastre situation was complex and residents of the rural area expected the snow to give a truce, knowing also that it is part of the climatic conditions which has the area each year.
While yesterday afternoon received the PAMI workers even distributed firewood in the village, Natividad Gonzalez looked to his grandson back field where he had gone to look for your vehicle. “We also we had been in the mine field, but it was a boy and brought us. Now they went to search the car that was there when we could not go out”, told the woman having the field 8 leagues from the village.
Explained the woman, only the 4 x 4 trucks could enter the sector. Meanwhile, Vialidad Provincial works with machines trying to of opening those roads.
Nativity is mainly concerned about snow, because intensity affects animals. “The chivas snow makes them like balls and if you fly animals plug them; then are concerned, but what you going to do? “, regretted.”
Ricardo Sepúlveda, community leader of Gan Gan, expressed concern this morning by this situation. “We had a surprise snowfall because so far it had snowed very little and it has rained a lot.
It is complicated in the fields, in the surrounding area and in the part of the sierra. In the part of the fields there are an average of 200 people and surely everyone is isolated, but machines are already working and we are on alert, “said.
As said Sepulveda, Sierra snow exceeds 80 centimeters and in some cases reaches the metro, although he knows that in Gastre panorama is even more complex and in some sectors, according to testimony from the people themselves, it surpassed the 2 meters.
So said it Marcos Arévalo, one of the employees of PAMI yesterday still distributed in urban areas the 3,000 kilos of firewood which corresponds “to spend the winter”, and Iván Yuziuk, owner of Chubut Civil Defense ratified it. “In some sectors they fell up to two meters. Some sectors have had to get walking or on horseback. “Now are coming out with three vans with the people of CORFO and of the Ministry of family carrying food, water, mattresses and blankets, and already are coordinating with machines to open some roads”, described.
Despite efforts, the official acknowledged that panorama “is complicated, especially by frost. We hoped that with the temperature increase you thaw a little, but low temperatures at night do to not reach so that it melts. “This me worries in it personal, but by the time not there are no poblador in risk”, explained Yuziuk, confirming that today will continue to them works in all the area, while waiting that cessation all the fall of snow.
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