Thousands of dead fish wash up on the coast of Mersin, Turkey

Mediterranean district of Mersin Tube and hitting the beach, thousands of dead fish on the beaches of Adanalıoğlu no worries.
Recently in southern sea, indicating that the fish deaths worrying Tarsus Hunters Club Chairman Tufan Dennis, finally Tube and thousands of dead fish that struck the shores of Adanalıoğlu, said it might be sourced from toxic waste.
Investigation in the region and stating that the very grave situation Tarsus Hunters Club Chairman Tufan Dennis, “Mersin’s Bowl and Adanalıoğlu comes with many dead fish from the sea in the neighborhood right now. The coast guard is now pure white dead mullet fish expired. They shot us down to the beach again as usual. The authorities need to take urgent measures to this situation. “he said.
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