Rains trigger more landslides in northern Chin State, Myanmar

Disaster Alert

After five days of heavy rain, landslides struck northern Chin State yesterday, breaking down transportation in the area.
The landslides hit Hakha, the capital of Chin State, and some northern parts of Tiddim and Tonzang townships. Houses were damaged and the bridge linking Tiddim and Tonzang was broken, said Ko Mung Lak, the owner of a transportation company.
“Many cars are struck on the way between Kalay and Tiddim so far,” he said. “They cannot go to Tiddim but they cannot get back to Kalay yet either.”
According to a Chin state government official, a few houses were damaged and an old woman was killed by the landslide. The government is planning to fix the damaged roads as soon as possible, the official said.
“We are holding meetings with the appropriated ministry now in order to start fixing the roads,” the official said.
Salai KB Thawng, a resident of Hakha, said the landslide happened between Hakha and Gantgaw highway road. He reiterated the report that many houses were damaged.
“As far as I know, about seven houses were damaged and the people who lived there moved to safer places,” he said. “If the heavy rains continue to drop, the landslides might happen in other areas, too.”
Pi Vung Suan Dim, a member of the Chin Progress Party and resident of Tiddim, confirmed that the routes between Kalay and Tiddim and Tonzang are broken.
“We cannot go anywhere now and we are without any connections,” she said. “Chin State has a landslide every year, especially during rainy season.”
Last year, more than 4000 homes were swept away, with residents moved into temporary camps after landslides triggered by heavy rain.
In November, a team of German geologists confirmed that the state capital was too dangerous to live in because of the unstable ground.
Courtesy of mmtimes.com

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