Severe flooding and landslide causes damage to 14 schools in Parbat, Nepal

Building Collapse Alert

The flood and landslide have caused damages to as many as 14 schools in Parbat district.
The continuous rain triggered flood and landslide has completely damaged seven schools whereas seven schools have sustain damages due to windstorm in the district, according to the District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee, Parbat.
Schools damaged completely are Mahendrodaya Primary School at Kurgha, Jana Jagaran Primary School at Phalamkhani, Samaj Kalyan Primary School at Maajhfaant, Sramik Primary School at Maldhuga and Shivalaya Higher Secondary School, Aguwa Recourses Centre at Kushma and Krishna Dharma Higher Secondary School at Dhairing.
Similarly, windstorm has damaged Langdi Primary School, Panchakoshi Higher Secondary School at Arthar, Saraswati Primary School at Arthar, Jana Jagriti Primary School at KHoula Lakuri, Jana Netra Higher Secondary School in Deupur and Sarawasti Primary School at Ranipani. A local college-Navajagrit Multiple Campus at Tilahar- has also sustained damage in the windstorm.
The teaching-learning activities have been affected due to the damages in physical structure of schools, shared District Education Officer Ramesh Raj Poudel. The damage incurred in these schools is estimated worth millions, said District Education Officer Poudel. Furthermore, as many as nine drinking water projects in the locality are also affected due to rain.
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