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Depth: 2 km

Distances: 287 km S of Lima, Peru / pop: 7,737,002 / local time: 14:03:22.2 2016-08-08
75 km SW of Ica, Peru / pop: 246,844 / local time: 14:03:22.2 2016-08-08
68 km SW of Santiago, Peru / pop: 10,449 / local time: 14:03:22.2 2016-08-08

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Depth: 204 km

Distances: 348 km N of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands / pop: 48,220 / local time: 04:11:07.8 2016-08-09
2007 km S of Tokyo, Japan / pop: 8,336,599 / local time: 03:11:07.8 2016-08-09
2591 km E of Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China / pop: 7,871,900 / local time: 02:11:07.8 2016-08-09

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Depth: 30 km

Distances: 227 km NW of Santiago, Chile / pop: 4,837,295 / local time: 08:24:32.2 2016-08-08
160 km N of Valparaíso, Chile / pop: 282,448 / local time: 08:24:32.2 2016-08-08
48 km W of Illapel, Chile / pop: 22,816 / local time: 08:24:32.2 2016-08-08

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Depth: 22 km

Distances: 396 km S of Chicago, United States / pop: 2,695,598 / local time: 07:04:49.9 2016-08-08
209 km SE of Springfield, United States / pop: 116,250 / local time: 07:04:49.9 2016-08-08
13 km SW of Albion, United States / pop: 1,988 / local time: 07:04:49.9 2016-08-08

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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 191 km NW of Dushanbe, Tajikistan / pop: 543,107 / local time: 16:50:28.7 2016-08-08
21 km SW of Jizzax, Uzbekistan / pop: 152,642 / local time: 16:50:28.7 2016-08-08

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Depth: 59 km

Distances: 41 km N of Saint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda / pop: 24,226 / local time: 06:15:55.4 2016-08-08
96 km E of Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis / pop: 12,920 / local time: 06:15:55.4 2016-08-08
115 km SE of Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy / pop: 5,988 / local time: 06:15:55.4 2016-08-08

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Tens of thousands of Delta passengers stranded around the world after huge computer failure forces ALL planes to be grounded

A DELTA Air Lines systems have crashed worldwide, leaving tens of thousands of travellers stranded with none of the airline’s planes able to take off.
But the ground stop, which was caused by a power outage in Atlanta and caused delays of more than four hours, has now been lifted with limited departures announced.
The global computer outage of one of the world’s largest airlines left passengers stranded and forced to queue for hours, including at Heathrow Airport in London, San Francisco International Airport and Malaga Airport in Spain.
After hours of confusion and delays, the airline announced on social media that the ground stop had been lifted with “limited departures resuming” following the power outage in Atlanta that impacted Delta computer systems.
The airline said: “A Delta ground stop has been lifted and limited departures are resuming following a power outage in Atlanta that impacted Delta computer systems and operations worldwide. Cancellations and delays continue.
“Customers heading to the airport should expect delays and cancellations. While inquiries are high and wait times are long, our customer service agents are doing everything they can to assist. There may also be some lag time in the display of accurate flight status at, the Fly Delta App and from Delta representatives on the phone and in airport.”
Delta Air Lines has since said all travellers on Delta flights on August 8 would be able to claim a refund.
In a statement, the airline said: “If your flight is canceled or significantly delayed, you are entitled to a refund. Even if your flight is not canceled, you may make a one-time change to your ticket without fee if you are scheduled to travel to, from, or through the following destination(s) on Delta.”
Delta Air Lines runs more 5000 flights a day.
People waiting at Heathrow airport this morning, hoping to travel to places including Athens, Las Vegas and Tokyo, were left stranded at Terminal 4.
The outage has also impacted the Keflavik International airport in Iceland, Rome Ciampino Airport, Lihue airport in Hawaii and the Seattle-Tacoma International airport, according to social media reports.
Passengers were given little news or updates around when their flight will be ready to with upset travellers taking to social media to complain.
Amanda Jackson told The Sun Online that she had been left at Heathrow for more than three hours trying to drop her bags.
She said: “I am through security now with a scrappy handwritten boarding pass, but absolutely no news about what’s going on.”
Travelling to Seattle then onto Alaska for a family celebration, she said she was still hopeful she would make it.
She said: “It took us 3 hrs to drop bags, staff are pretty clueless and people are just getting on being very good.”
Another passenger, Peter Taylor, took to Twitter and said he was still in Heathrow.
He said: “Should have been on 9:40 flight to Boston – waiting for news – staff apologetic, even had the captain speak to us”.
Travellers were forced to sleep on the floor with little news of when their flight would take off.
Others have been given food vouchers while others were given free food and drinks as the wait continues.
Delta News released a statement, saying: “A power outage in Atlanta, which began at approximately 2:30 a.m. ET, has impacted Delta computer systems and operations worldwide, resulting in flight delays. Large-scale cancellations are expected today.
“All flights enroute are operating normally. We are aware that flight status systems, including airport screens, are incorrectly showing flights on time. We apologize to customers who are affected by this issue, and our teams are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. “
Just after the crash, the airline said on social media that their systems were “down everywhere”.
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