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1,000 dead starfish wash up on beaches near Fremantle, Australia

Starfish Alert

Authorities are investigating reports up to 1000 dead starfish have washed up on beaches near Fremantle since Monday. 
Department of Fisheries officers have collected samples of the dead star fish from South Beach and nearby beaches in North Coogee to try and determine what has caused the kill.
The stretch of coast includes a popular dog beach and Port Coogee jetty. 
“The samples have been sent to the department’s fish health unit for analysis,” a Fisheries statement read. 
“Results may take some time depending on the tests being undertaken.
“No other dead aquatic animals have been reported or sighted.”
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Large die off of fish in a lake in Jinjiang, China

Fish Kill Alert

Mei ling Street Mount Laurel Park, Jinjiang waters a large number of dead fish, odor is unbearable, hoped that relevant departments as soon as possible.
At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporters arrived at the Mount Laurel Park Gate, he smelled a strong odor. Look to the Park Lake with a large number of small dead fish floating, water has a Brown grease and junk.
It is understood that the Mount Laurel Park formerly known as Shan reservoir covers an area of about 50 acres. 2012-related sector relies on the reservoir, turn it into a waterfront neighborhood park.
In the shade near the Park’s Lee said that he is next to community residents, these two days, we couldn’t open the Windows, “too many dead fish, smell is too large. Usual residents will be a walk in the Park at night, these two days and nobody came “.
At this point, more than 10 cleaners are hydrophilic Cliff collect the dead fish on the Lake. A worker told the sea press, they have been fishing here for 3 days, can salvage more than 10 barrels of dead fish a day, each containing hundreds of pounds. At present there are about 5000 pounds of dead fish in the Lake, is expected to salvage two or three days in order to handle them all. Dead fish are tilapia, carp, etc.
In this regard, Jinjiang Park Administration Center said, is related to fish through oxygen high temperature; the second is probably around sewage facilities have been destroyed, resulting in waste water into the Lake, fish kills occurred.
Jinjiang City Bureau of water supply and drainage management service-related charge, after inspection, confirmed bilge coffers were vandalism, Guihua road next to the Park, leading to sewage interception ability. Once the sewage emissions increase, it will overflow water to the Park. At present, the staff is working on wells cofferdam repair. Fish kills associated with sewage around the factory, they will coordinate environmental protection authorities for investigation.
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Hundreds of birds found dead, ‘due to botulism disease’ in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Netherlands

Botulism Alert
An outbreak of botulism has led to massive bird mortality in the Sophia polder. On the island are definitely two hundred dead birds were found.
Nature conservation organisation South Holland landscape let the island shut down as a precaution. Weekly bring dozens of people visiting the Sophia polder.
Also healthy birds are banned from the island. ” We’re putting piles down where fake birds of prey to hang ”, says Jan Alewijn dijkhuizen of South Holland landscape.
The Organization has so far extracted hundreds of carcasses of the island. That should prevent the bacteria spreading.
The bad weather from Tuesday helps to combat the bacteria, primarily in warm weather, know to spread.
Botulism can jump from bird to bird. Animals can also get sick from contaminated water. At low tide, there are small puddles to lie, which is very contagious.
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20 TONS of fish have died in fish farms in Bandung, Indonesia

Sejumlah ikan di Waduk Cirata mati akibat tanaman eceng gondok.

A number of fish in Reservoirs on Cirata die due to water hyacinth plants
Farmers in Reservoirs on Cirata complained of a drop in the selling price of the fish market in Indonesia to a number of consequences. Because, a number of fish in Reservoirs on Cirata die due to water hyacinth plants.
The Chairman of the community care on Cirata Asep Sulaiman reveals, the selling price of fish declined post Lebaran predestined Rp 20,000 to Rp 17,500 per kilogram. With the condition himself convinced of the more farmers who roll the mat.
“After the Idul Fitri holiday prices down and a lot of dead fish. Many farmers have complained that the presence of this case. If there is no help from the Government we believe will be a growing number of farmers who went bankrupt. Having previously had many who choose to leave the business as fish farmers, “he said on Tuesday (2/9).
According to him, the problems facing farmers not only slumping prices, but also the growth of the fish are slow and the number of fish that die due to a proliferation of water hyacinth or weeds that cover the surface of the water reservoir.
“The question of the water hyacinth that cause fish to die because of running out of oxygen. The number of fish that die reach 20 tons in the last month. Plus the weather was a lot of rain. If this is left to the farmers who will suffer losses, “he said.
With these conditions, continued he, fish growth to be slow. Because feeding is supposed to do in the morning, the new could be done during the day. Automatically, the fish couldn’t be harvested as scheduled every three months.
“For that, we hope that the Government is also thinking of subsidies for growers of fish. If rice farmers there are poor, then the rice to fish farmers must also exist in the form of poor fish farmers subsidies on feed, “and he said.
He mentioned the previous year, the number of fish farmers in the indoor Nets Floating on Cirata region West Bandung Regency reached 1,044 people and last shrank into 900 people due to the continuous efforts losing condition.
“Because many farmers are looking forward to this effort will continue to lose out. So they prefer the way other businesses, ” he said.
In the meantime, based on data from the Department of animal husbandry and fisheries of West Bandung Regency, the region produces 5 million seed fish per year.
Head of Department of animal husbandry and fisheries Adiyoto States, KBB in the future will have a new identity by producing the largest freshwater fish in West Java to Jakarta. With the presence of Reservoirs on Cirata and Saguling, expected the development of freshwater fish farming more advanced and more developed.
“The target is preferred more quickly in order to be immediately established. We will prepare in advance to the maximum, ” he insists.
Currently, he said, the Central Government is concentrating on improving the construction of the porch of the seeds or seed breeding fish in the Centre of the village, Cikalongwetan Subdistrict Cisomang. In addition to the various types of fish hatchery Centre, balai Cisomang seeds in it also focused the training center as pembenih fish.
Alluded to how the number of requests for seed fish each year, plead, request Adiyoto be 1 billion an annual fish seed. ” His name is also the right fish seed, so if we still earn 5 million, it’s still relatively small and we want to be more than that, ” he said.
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Forest Fire Rages In Canary Islands For Six Days

Wild Fire Alert

A forest fire that has been burning on the Canary Island of La Palma for six days is suspected to have been started by a man who set fire to his toilet paper.
More than 11,100 acres of pine forest – equal to 6% of the island – has been destroyed, causing a smoke trail that can be seen from space.
The Spanish authorities have blamed a 27-year-old German who is said to have started the blaze last Wednesday to get rid of the paper he had just used.
German radio station FFH said that Scott S, as he has been named, was a dropout who had left his homeland and had been living in caves on the island.
The station said he had admitted he started the fire.
More than 350 firefighters and a dozen helicopters have been tackling the blaze and, until Monday, had been unable to bring it under control.
The president of the Canaries, Fernando Clavijo, said: “The fire has evolved favourably in recent hours although, again, the night has proved difficult.”
On Sunday, according to Bild newspaper, 500 residents of the village of Villa de Mazo had to flee at dawn as the flames approached, bring the number rendered homeless to 3,000.
After temperatures reached 36C, the Canary Islands government put the Western Islands and Gran Canaria on high alert over the risk of further fires. 
Much of La Palma is designated a biosphere as a result of the large virgin pine forests on the island, which is home to several unique species.
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