Massive Blast At Dangyang Power Station Leaves More Than 20 Dead In China

China's industrial safety record remains poor
At least 21 people have been killed and several injured in an explosion at a power plant in central China.
The blast happened in Dangyang city in central Hubei province when a high-pressure steam pipe exploded, the official Xinhua news agency said.
A Chinese government team has been sent to the plant to help rescue efforts and to investigate the cause of the blast, according to the state-owned China News Service quoting official Yang Huanning.
Mr Yang said there were lessons to be learned to prevent similar accidents happening again.
One victim’s father said his son was taken to hospital and had been badly injured in the accident, on Thursday afternoon.
China continues to suffer from frequent industrial accidents despite a central government-ordered drive to upgrade safety in factories, power plants and mines.
The blast in Dangyang occurred on the eve of the one year anniversary of huge explosions that ripped through a warehouse in the port of Tianjin, in which more than 170 people were killed and 798 injured.
China subsequently promised to improve its safety record, with President Xi Jinping saying authorities would learn the lessons from chemical blasts.
Since the accident, Tianjin is reported to have completely overhauled 583 dangerous chemicals companies, with 68 firms ordered to shut or relocate. 
Building teams are still clearing rubble from the disaster site a year later.
A year after the accident, building teams are still working to clear rubble from the disaster site. 
An official investigation in February said the the blasts had been caused by hazardous materials, which were improperly and illegally stored at the site, being set alight.
Courtesy of Sky News

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