Record Cold/Snow Hits Parts Of Europe In August 2016

Record Cold Alert
Northern Europe was hit with some weird August weather in the past week, as summer snows fell in Sweden and a city in Saxony experienced its coldest temperature on record.
Åre, Sweden was hit with summer snow Thursday, and while temperatures across Sweden are expected to stay between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, ski resort owners were thrilled to see the snow.
“Of course not everyone thinks, as we do, that snow in August smells like longing for winter and skiing. We love the winter even in summer,” Marie Lithén, who owns restaurant Bistrologiskt, told The Local.
Lithén’s colleague Anton filmed snow coming down at their mountaintop restaurant and posted it to Facebook Thursday. By Friday afternoon, the video was seen by more than 303,000 people.
That’s not the only wacky weather to hit Sweden this week. The Local also reported residents of Ljungskile on the country’s west coast experienced the coldest day the area has seen in more than 100 years. Temperatures were below 47 degrees Fahrenheit Wednesday.
“It does feel a bit strange to have to wear your fiber coat when you go outside,” Stig Magnusson, a local weather aficionado, told a local newspaper.
Down in Germany, the city of Carlsfeld was also hit by record low temperatures. The Local reported temperatures dropped to 34 degrees Fahrenheit — the coldest ever recorded in the town. Carlsfeld began recording temperatures in 1990.
The Bavarian town of Bad Königshofen saw near-record low temperatures for the month, hitting 34 degrees Fahrenheit as well, which is just above the record low set in 1987.
The Local reports “several mountainous regions of the country, frost also covered the grass on Thursday morning.” It’s a stark contrast to August 2015 when Germany was hit with a sweltering heatwave.
“In Lindenberg in Allgäu, the lowest temperature on Thursday morning was 6.9C,” the Local reported.
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