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55 dead turtles found in La Paz, Mexico

In the areas under concession to the cooperative fishing port chalet and La Poza, have appeared to date, 55 turtles dead since you began determined season. / The Sudcaliforniano
La Paz, Baja California Sur-since the start of the ban on fishing of Flake in the Gulf of Ulloa detected 55 turtles killed just in the area concession port Chalet cooperatives and La Poza, said Florencio Aguilar Liera, cooperative leader of San Juanico.
This figure, which is documented by the own Profepa, shows non-coastal fishermen the cause of mortality of turtles caretta caretta in that area of the Pacific Ocean, as stated by the office called Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, domiciled in the city of Mexico, said Florencio Aguilar Liera.
In that sense, he called liar one of the officials of this self-styled defender of the environment body, who would have recently declared that dead turtles are only 4 in it which takes the veda.
Is a lie of this Lord of the CEMDA, what think is that not sees more beyond of their own interests and that not is worries by what can be passing them families of our fishermen, said, in allusion to the prohibition of work Flake that decreed the Government Federal in almost a million of hectares, in response to them pressures of NGO that accused to them fishermen of be them responsible of this mortality , and that based on that promote an embargo fishing on the part of the United States to Mexico.
Earlier, in a separate interview, San Carlos, Humberto Arias, cooperative leader accused environmentalists of “being paid or in collusion” with U.S. interests to threaten Mexico and, thus, protect their commercial interests.
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Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Pattani Province, Thailand

ตายยกกระชัง! ผู้เลี้ยงปลาบ้านเปียะวอนรัฐช่วยเหลือ คาดเสียหายนับ 10 ล้านบาท
Reporter on drought conditions. Causes of crisis in many Canal dry knitted After the way the source receives water from the dam, dam of Pattani, some middle doses reduced thus making the water discharged into the Canal the ball reduced. Pattani River has reduced water consumption.
Hunt River Dam irrigation via Suez, Pattani has closed the door for drainage. Because there is no water inside the dam enough. Create an impact on farmers ‘ home area, PIA. M 1. T. dato Amphur Nong Chik, who fish in the Pattani, Nakhon scales. There are a lot of fish dead lift cages pet. Damage worth tens of millions of baht. Although the previous 2 weeks past the Lakes. announcements to prathan necessary to close the floodgate, but the fish, the fish can not sell because the fish haven’t size according to the needs of the market. Therefore pleaded for help from the State aid.
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Large die off of fish in a lake in Volyn, Ukraine

Fish Kill Alert
Mass death of fish on Lake Čebeni Volyn. Here are a few days on the beach and in the water hundreds of dead Pikes, carp and crayfish. Such mass Mora locals don’t recall.
“It’s only now that did not exist. Voobŝ fish there. Fishermen many here commute from surrounding villages, “said Valentina Lukashuk, villager Topol′noe.
That resulted in Mohr fish in the Lake, which was once Miron, investigates Special Commission when Rožiŝenskoj district administration. Its Chairman is Igor School says that trouble could lead to rotting algae.
“It was a large amount of blue-green algae in water, flowered water. And now, if you arrive-water stopped flowering. We understand that they fell to the bottom, began to rot and the rapid release of carbon dioxide, which the fish start to die, “sure Igor School.
Meanwhile, environmentalists cause fish Mora sees in the absence of oxygen in the water because of the heat.
“Canal connects the former quarry, the water level there fell a further 10 cm. Almost as such fresh water from Washing no longer arrives-this is the main reason why there is no fresh water and no oxygen. Fish gasped, “explained Sergei Sheremet, head of the State environmental inspectorate in the Volyn region.
Experts believe-to prevent this it is necessary to expand the Canal, which fills the lake water. In the meantime, the fish that still, save only the good rains and cold.
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28 dolphins and 4 sea lions found dead on beaches in Lambayeque, Peru

Aparecen lobos marinos y delfines muertos en playa de Lambayeque.
Sea lions and dolphins killed in beach of Lambayeque are. | Source: RPP | Photographer: Rosario Coronado
After the alert carried out by RPP news, staff of the regional office of the Peru Sea Institute (Imarpe) made a journey from Lobos Beach to lagoons (Lambayeque region), noting the deaths of 28 sea lions and dolphins 4.
In the Act was collected the sample of an exemplary marine fresh bodies, in order to be forwarded to the central laboratory of the Imarpe to be analyzed and determined the specific causes of the stranding.
However, they said that there are several hypotheses which are handled. For example, that you have died for lack of food, intervention by the hand of man or after being caught in fishing nets.
They also indicated that since the date they made a constant monitoring of the lambayecano coast to timely detect acts of this type. 
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Tens of thousands of fish have died in two rivers in Sioux County, Iowa, USA

Fish Kill Alert
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is wrapping up investigations of two fish kills in northwest Iowa which were reported Sunday to the DNR’s Spencer field office.
Investigators were unable to find the cause of an 8-mile-long fish kill on the West Branch of the Floyd River north of Maurice in Sioux County. The fish had been dead for several days when DNR reached the site Sunday. Field tests on Monday showed ammonia levels within normal ranges and adequate dissolved oxygen in the river, indicating the pollutant had likely already washed downstream.
Early estimates indicate nearly 38,000 fish died worth approximately $10,000. Minnows, shiners, dace, chubs and suckers were most affected, and an estimated 1,273 catfish also died.
A second fish kill on the Rock River in north Sioux County was located in a pool off 10th Street on the west side of Rock Valley. DNR staff found about 24 decaying carp in very stagnant water. They speculate that the carp were trapped as water levels receded after rains last week. Water samples have been sent to a laboratory for testing to see if the fish kill was related to petroleum products or to oxygen sags in the pool.
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Thousands of fish and other marine animals wash up dead on the coast of Morowali, Indonesia

Ikan mati akibat limbah pabrik yang dibuang ke sungai. [google]
Thousands of fish and other sea animals found dead in the State of the citizens in the coastal villages of the island, South District Kecamatan Bungku, Morowali, Central Sulawesi (Sulteng). the death of fish and other sea life that was allegedly a result of contaminated sea water.
“this incident is already underway the last month,” said Samsul, one of the island’s father, community leaders Monday (15/8).
Samsul said, in addition to the dead fish, the color of sea water in the waters around also sometimes turn green as well as issuing a strong foul smell and very annoying people in the village.
According to him, community leaders along with local village authorities already conveys the incident to the head of DPRD Morowali, and already taken where after the report, a number of members of PARLIAMENT directly reviewing the location and bring samples of sea water to researched. Namuna until now there has been no further information related to that.
Suspected death of sea life due to pollution, but it has not been able to ascertain the origin of the waste that causes disruption of ocean ecosystems in the village.
“We haven’t been able to verify the origin of the waste, we just hope that County Government soon to follow up on this,” said Samsul.
An other public figures, Anwar, says, it has correspondence officially to the Government of the Regency of Morowali, but until now have not also there is follow-up.
He hoped the report, already logged in to the PARLIAMENT or to local governments in order to be immediately responded to complaints so that the incident could be resolved.
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12.5 TONS of fish die in a lake in Xiamen, China

After a storm, yundang Lake yesterday with a lot of white dead fish floating on. Xiamen yundang Lake Center Xu Kechang introduction, “now dead fish reaching up to this year, salvage 2.5 tons yesterday, today, the number of fishing in about 10 tons, tomorrow will continue to be salvaged, but the number will be reduced……”
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TONS of fish die in fish farms in Thang Binh District, Vietnam

The dead fish were of the farms run by three local growers, who were allowed by local authorities to rent Phuoc Ha Lake to raise fish for five years since February 2016.
The three collectively raised some 130,000 fish of various kinds such as silver carp, grass carp, major carp, and tilapia.
However, ten metric tons of those fish, mostly silver carp and tilapia at the farm of Nguyen Van Duyen, died, costing him VND500 million (US$ 22,500) of losses.
Local officials have asked responsible agencies to test the dead fish and water to find out the cause. The result is yet to be released.
In the meantime, local residents are giving their hands to remove the dead fishes to help keep the environment clean.
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TONS of dead fish wash up on a beach in Sanya Bay, Hainan, China

August 10 in the Sanya Bay, about 600 m sandy beach is the large number of dead fish. @ Hainan daily chart
Million pounds of non-fish died in Sanya resort beaches, the Government:-net fishermen caused by
August 11, at 10 o’clock in the evening, Sanya City Government held a press conference, on the morning of August 10 in nearly 600 m sandy beach of Sanya Bay appears to briefings on the large number of dead fish.
According to the Sanya City Bureau of marine fisheries Director Zhang Huazhong introduction, dead fish on the beach is mainly for end zone back to the Hui village in Sanya city fishermen fishing in the sea area of Sanya Bay after the nets burst caused by. 10th dead fish have all been cleared. Next, the fisheries authorities would also jointly police, border patrol and other departments for further investigation and relevant law and regulations on strict sanctions.
Zhang Huazhong said that according to preliminary investigations, Po had convened in the 9th over more than 50 fishermen in the sea area of Sanya Bay by trawl fishing. 10th at 2 o’clock in the morning, Po begins to draw the net because wind and waters near a steep and nearly 20,000 pounds of fish caught more, in trawling to the beach in the breakdown of fishing nets, resulting in more than 10,000 kilos of fish floating down the beach about. Po and others will be collected the bigger fish, and small and medium green scaly fish, Lu Zi fish, small fish, and was not picked up and was abandoned.
Subsequently, the Sanya municipal party Committee propaganda department press release official micro-blog on 12th issued a document saying, tested the waters PH, salinity, dissolved oxygen in a water quality standards. Marine Department said that the event belongs to the accident.
According to local media the international tourism Island business newspaper reported that around 5:30 A.M. August 10, Sanya Bay air between blocks to four points by Sheraton Resort, gardens of the early workers in about 600 metres away from the large number of dead fish were found on the beach, emitting bursts of foul smell. Park workers found clean, lasted until 12 o’clock noon is not over yet. According to marine and fisheries monitoring centre Bell technician last name staff statistics, dead fish were cultured marine fish, preliminary observations suggest that there are about 15 species of fish.
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