55 dead turtles found in La Paz, Mexico

In the areas under concession to the cooperative fishing port chalet and La Poza, have appeared to date, 55 turtles dead since you began determined season. / The Sudcaliforniano
La Paz, Baja California Sur-since the start of the ban on fishing of Flake in the Gulf of Ulloa detected 55 turtles killed just in the area concession port Chalet cooperatives and La Poza, said Florencio Aguilar Liera, cooperative leader of San Juanico.
This figure, which is documented by the own Profepa, shows non-coastal fishermen the cause of mortality of turtles caretta caretta in that area of the Pacific Ocean, as stated by the office called Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, domiciled in the city of Mexico, said Florencio Aguilar Liera.
In that sense, he called liar one of the officials of this self-styled defender of the environment body, who would have recently declared that dead turtles are only 4 in it which takes the veda.
Is a lie of this Lord of the CEMDA, what think is that not sees more beyond of their own interests and that not is worries by what can be passing them families of our fishermen, said, in allusion to the prohibition of work Flake that decreed the Government Federal in almost a million of hectares, in response to them pressures of NGO that accused to them fishermen of be them responsible of this mortality , and that based on that promote an embargo fishing on the part of the United States to Mexico.
Earlier, in a separate interview, San Carlos, Humberto Arias, cooperative leader accused environmentalists of “being paid or in collusion” with U.S. interests to threaten Mexico and, thus, protect their commercial interests.
Courtesy of oem.com.mx

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