Large die off of fish in a lake in Volyn, Ukraine

Fish Kill Alert
Mass death of fish on Lake Čebeni Volyn. Here are a few days on the beach and in the water hundreds of dead Pikes, carp and crayfish. Such mass Mora locals don’t recall.
“It’s only now that did not exist. Voobŝ fish there. Fishermen many here commute from surrounding villages, “said Valentina Lukashuk, villager Topol′noe.
That resulted in Mohr fish in the Lake, which was once Miron, investigates Special Commission when Rožiŝenskoj district administration. Its Chairman is Igor School says that trouble could lead to rotting algae.
“It was a large amount of blue-green algae in water, flowered water. And now, if you arrive-water stopped flowering. We understand that they fell to the bottom, began to rot and the rapid release of carbon dioxide, which the fish start to die, “sure Igor School.
Meanwhile, environmentalists cause fish Mora sees in the absence of oxygen in the water because of the heat.
“Canal connects the former quarry, the water level there fell a further 10 cm. Almost as such fresh water from Washing no longer arrives-this is the main reason why there is no fresh water and no oxygen. Fish gasped, “explained Sergei Sheremet, head of the State environmental inspectorate in the Volyn region.
Experts believe-to prevent this it is necessary to expand the Canal, which fills the lake water. In the meantime, the fish that still, save only the good rains and cold.
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