Thousands of fish and other marine animals wash up dead on the coast of Morowali, Indonesia

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Thousands of fish and other sea animals found dead in the State of the citizens in the coastal villages of the island, South District Kecamatan Bungku, Morowali, Central Sulawesi (Sulteng). the death of fish and other sea life that was allegedly a result of contaminated sea water.
“this incident is already underway the last month,” said Samsul, one of the island’s father, community leaders Monday (15/8).
Samsul said, in addition to the dead fish, the color of sea water in the waters around also sometimes turn green as well as issuing a strong foul smell and very annoying people in the village.
According to him, community leaders along with local village authorities already conveys the incident to the head of DPRD Morowali, and already taken where after the report, a number of members of PARLIAMENT directly reviewing the location and bring samples of sea water to researched. Namuna until now there has been no further information related to that.
Suspected death of sea life due to pollution, but it has not been able to ascertain the origin of the waste that causes disruption of ocean ecosystems in the village.
“We haven’t been able to verify the origin of the waste, we just hope that County Government soon to follow up on this,” said Samsul.
An other public figures, Anwar, says, it has correspondence officially to the Government of the Regency of Morowali, but until now have not also there is follow-up.
He hoped the report, already logged in to the PARLIAMENT or to local governments in order to be immediately responded to complaints so that the incident could be resolved.
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