TONS of fish die in a river in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

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Dong Thap >> announced the cause of mass death of fish on the river The Sesame
Will publish the results tested the issue dead fish abnormalities in Central in early September the original cause of dead fish floating in the river An Old white, hue dead fish on River series code is due to the floods swept much silted.
Causes fish to die originally mining Bureau and protect seafood resources of Quang Tri province determines is likely to be due to contamination of water sources by some plants or fisheries exploiting.
Exchange with reporters VNA, Nguyen Hoai Nam, Director of the Bureau of exploitation and protection of fisheries resources the province of Quang Tri said upon learning of the phenomenon of dead fish on River Salung, the Bureau has coordinated with the functional sectors and local governments exercise control, sampling.
Cause of the dead fish were originally defined not by the disease that may be caused by contamination of water sources by some plants or fisheries exploiting … Going forward, the Agency will find the cause of dead fish are zoned to handle. 
In just 2 days 6-7/9, tons of dead fish were floating along the White River, Vinh Linh district, the Salung. Living in the stench, the people of the Riverside Township Sa Lung extremely puzzled, worried before the phenomenon of dead fish. Besides, the risk of the quality and food safety is still implicit when some people using dead fish for food and livestock feed. 
According to some people in the town of Vinh Long, 6/9, after the black hole ớc n series stink smelly spill on beating Sa Lung, appears dead fish floating up to the surface by water white wind pull over the banks. Before the above phenomenon, some people living along the River have picked the fish on to use not only for use as livestock feed that many people still get it as the main source of food for humans. This has become the greatest concern when the unknown cause of the dead fish. 
Currently, fishing on the river Sa Lung continued to die, the stench rises concentration anonymously making the Vinh Lam, Vinh Thuy commune: Vinh Sơn, Vĩnh Long, must live in the cloistered atmosphere.
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