60 Tourists Trapped For The Night In Mont Blanc Cable Cars

Each cable car has four passengers, and they were travelling at an altitude of 3,800m
Each cable car has four passengers and travels at an altitude of about 3,800m. File pic 
Sixty tourists are stuck on cable cars over Mont Blanc and will not be rescued until morning because of darkness and poor weather.
A total of 110 people had become trapped as they rode the Vallee Blanche Cable Car in the Alps at about 4pm on Thursday afternoon.
Rescuers only managed to evacuate 50 of them by helicopter before clouds began to hinder their efforts.
The attraction rises to an altitude of 3,778m (12,395ft) and offers close-up views of Western Europe’s tallest mountains, as well as the steep glaciers and valleys found below.
The regional Le Dauphine newspaper reports that the rescue operation has been suspended for safety reasons – however, those still trapped have been given water, food and survival blankets.
Rescuers are also going to stay inside the cabins to reassure affected holidaymakers throughout the night.
Each cabin carries four passengers, and the 5km ride is normally meant to take 30 to 35 minutes.
Mathieu Dechavanne, the chief executive of the company that operates the attraction, said the cabins became stuck after overhead cables crossed over for “unknown reasons”.
However, local television stations have reported that the cables had become tangled in high winds.
The Vallee Blanche Cable Car connects the renowned Aiguille du Midi mountain in the Mont Blanc with the Pointe Helbronner.
Courtesy of Sky News

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