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6,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France

Bird Flu
The outbreak was found in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, during surveillance. Six thousand birds were destroyed as a result of the outbreak.
France recently lifted restrictions on the movement of waterfowl in the south-eastern regions, saying that the outbreaks of avian influenza that began in 2015 have ended. Officials said that recent outbreaks of low-pathogenic versions of the disease did not mean the eradication strategy was ineffective, and producers should continue to exercise vigilance and good biosecurity.
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Thousands of dead fish washing up in Longboat Key, Florida, USA

Fish Kill Alert
Dead fish are popping up all over Longboat Key, causing a lot of concern among residents and visitors. 
“It’s makes me very sad,” said Claude Lewkowiez, a Tampa resident visiting Longboat Key.
Lewkowiez and her husband Emile are vacationing on Longboat Key this week.
“It’s not pleasant to the eye and it’s even less pleasant to the smell,” said Emile.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has confirmed the fish died from a high concentration of red tide. State wildlife officials say the red tide is most likely a little further offshore, and there are patchy spots of it.  
“There was fish on the north end and the central part,” said Dave Bullock, Longboat Key town manager. “(Tuesday night) when our police boat was out, he did a little survey and he suggested the presence of fish is moving south.”
Right at the moment the Town of Longboat Key will not be removing these dead fish. They say the tide brought these fish in, and the tide will take them back out, but it’s something town officials say they will continue to keep a close eye on daily.
“We’ll respond to them when it begins to significantly impact peoples ability to have a pleasant experience,” said Bullock. “We’re not there yet.”
The FWC and Mote Marine Lab are doing daily sampling of the water. The results from those tests are expected within the next day.
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Hundreds Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore Along Yacht Club Beach In Massachusetts, USA

Fish Kill Alert
Hingham residents are reacting after a large amount of bait fish, commonly known as pogies, have been washing ashore along the Hingham Yacht Club and surrounding beach areas.
“It’s thousands and thousands,” said one resident Wednesday night.
“Well, we first noticed the smell when we got out of the car, and it was different — much stronger than usual,” said Hingham resident Libby Lewiecki.
Chuck Azonderman is a former lobsterman who’s spent time in and around the Hingham harbor for decades.
He says around 11 a.m. he found the fish “all over the place.”
“I’m surprised to see it like this,” Azonderman said. “I haven’t seen it like this since the 80’s.”
Now everyone wants to know why the dead fish washed ashore.
Those in Hingham have their own theories including the possibility a commercial fishing boat dumped the bait fish.
There’s also speculation bluefish could have chased the fish in, but nothing was confirmed Wednesday night.
“That looks unlike any bluefish chasing that I’ve ever seen before, if it was bluefish they’d be shredded,” said resident John Lewiecki.
necn has calls into state environmental officials and the Hingham harbormaster.
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Depth: 596 km

Distances: 350 km NW of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 10:28:40.9 2016-09-25
395 km SE of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,400 / local time: 09:28:40.9 2016-09-25
957 km SW of Apia, Samoa / pop: 40,500 / local time: 11:28:40.9 2016-09-25

Intensity Map


Subject To Change

Depth: 173 km

Distances: 328 km N of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 10:07:12.4 2016-09-25
128 km NW of Neiafu, Tonga / pop: 4,400 / local time: 10:07:12.4 2016-09-25

Global viewRegional view

Snow comes early in Erzurum, Tukey

Snow Alert
The thickness of the snow at Palandoken Ski Centrum 12 centimeters. There are also high in Ardahan was instrumental in snowfall. Eastern Anatolia region, the lowest night temperature in Erzurum below zero 1, Kars and Ardahan in Pain 2, 3, 7 in Erzincan, Tunceli, 8, Iğdır 9 degrees.
Throughout the region today, while the weather is partly very cloudy, evening hours, Erzurum, Kars, Ardahan, Ağrı and Iğdır is of intermittent rain and showers is expected to pass. Under normal temperature in the region is expected to watch the seasons.
On the other hand, Bolu, about 45 kilometres away from Kartalkaya Skiing Center, yesterday evening, which partly replace the air temperature dropped to minus 2 degrees fall night snowfall. Due to snow ski resort became the highest of white.
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***BE ALERT***

Snow for Utah’s Wasatch, USA

Snow Alert
Storm is on its last legs this morning with just a few showers in a northwest flow.  Accumulating snow returned to the area yesterday into last night.  Alta got another 6″ of snow to go with the 4 yesterday.  Accumulations in the Cottonwoods area was likely in the 5-10″ range total since Thursday above 8,500ft.  Accumulations were also significant in the northern Wasatch in the highest elevations. 
Hard to tell for sure, but I think there’s at least a foot accumulated up there. 
Total precipitation was significant with this storm, especially north of SLC.
After today, we should see a warm up thru the week.  Most of the snowfall should melt off, but there is a chance that some of the north facing slopes see it stick around.  We should see moisture re-enter the area later next week but temperatures should remain warm — more summer-like scattered showers and thunderstorms rather than snow. 
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Typhoon Megi poses ‘severe threat’ to Taiwan

Typhoon Megi poses 'severe threat': bureau
Typhoon Megi, the third storm of the month, is packing strong winds that are likely to intensify and pose a severe threat to Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Saturday.
Chances are high that a sea warning will be issued on Sunday, the bureau said.
The CWB said Megi, which was upgraded from a tropical storm to a typhoon on Saturday afternoon, is moving steadily toward Taiwan, and a sea warning could very well be issued for the storm on Sunday night.
The bureau had previously said that a sea warning for Megi, the 17th storm of the typhoon season to form in the Pacific, would be issued Monday at the earliest.
A land warning is now likely to be issued on Monday, the bureau said, and it warned the public to take precautions.
As of 8 p.m. Saturday, Megi was 1,440 kilometers east-southeast of Taiwan’s southernmost tip and moving in a west-northwesterly direction at 27 kph.
The typhoon was packing maximum sustained winds of 119 kph, with gusts of up to 155 kph. The radius of the typhoon has expanded to 180 kilometers, from 150 kilometers Saturday morning.
Southern and Eastern Taiwan have been hit by recent typhoons, including the powerful Meranti and the more recent Malakas.
Typhoon Meranti caused an estimated NT$2.2 billion in damages to agriculture, forestry, fishing and livestock, which hit Kaohsiung, Pingtung and the offshore island of Kinmen especially hard. Residents of Eastern Taiwan are attempting to rebuilt before this week’s storm.
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