50ft sperm whale has washed up dead on a beach in South Devon, UK

50ft sperm whale that washed ashore Red Rock beach south Devon
The remains of the animal were found on Red Rock beach. Pic: Mel Wilks
Visitors to Red Rock beach, in Dawlish, are being advised to stay away from the decomposing mammal as Teignbridge District Council works to remove its remains.
Coastguards have put a cordon in place.
The council tweeted: “We are still dealing with the decaying whale that has washed up on Dawlish beach today. Please obey the cordon for your health and safety.”
It comes three months after a young female sperm whale became stranded at Perranporth, North Cornwall, after straying too close to the beach at high tide.
In January, a 50ft sperm whale died after beaching in the Wash at Hunstanton, Norfolk. It is thought the animal became distressed and injured its tail thrashing around in the shallow waters.
Around 600 whales, dolphins and porpoises become stranded on Britain’s beaches each year and the phenomenon of whales becoming separated from their pods continues to puzzle researchers.
50ft sperm whale that washed ashore Red Rock beach south Devon
Coastguards in Dawlish have put a cordon in place. Pic: Mel Wilks
Whales and dolphins use echolocation – sound beams that bounce off objects – to navigate and find food.
It is thought loud sounds could damage the sensitive organs they use to ‘hear’ the echo, causing them to become disorientated.
Courtesy of Sky News

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