A large number of dead fish in Ñeembucú, Paraguay

A known stream located between kilometer 54 and 55 Route 4 Ñeembucú serves as a nest of dead fish for at least a week, according to reports. SEAM technicians ensure that only due to natural causes due to lack of oxygen.
Javier Encina, coach of the Environment Secretariat (SEAM) regional Ñeembucú, said after checking the site concluded that fish mortality is due to a natural cause for lack of oxygen due to the drought to the area.
“This appeared just today or days ago, is something given for a month. It is a plague that has been monitored and given, according to the characteristics, the low amount of water that affects the department , ” he said.
According to the professional, this could also be because several people burn garbage or trees in surrounding areas and the last recorded rain ashes came to the valley and killed fish because it “breaks down organic matter , ” according hypothesis.
The man denied “personally” that is contamination by agrochemicals and that there are not the necessary evidence or the number of dead animals that cause this damage.
Meanwhile, the prosecutor Ñeembucú Environment, Claudia Alonso, said there is no such an open question because no one made a formal complaint cause. She said she became aware of the fact via social networks and agents consulted about SEAM.
“The technicians I say it is a natural cause for lack of oxygen because there were similar situations in the same area, due to drought , ” said UH contact.
He said that on Wednesday morning will become the place to test the water and the dead to clarify the situation animals, and others argue that the environmental crisis is that a rice cooker is installed about 5 kilometers where the fish died and consider, you are already operating without a license.
Courtesy of ultimahora.com

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