Massive fish kills along the beaches Ljungans, Sweden

Fish Kill Alert
Mass fish have been found dead along the Ljungans beaches. The fish are infested by fungus and now SVA State Veterinary Institute to take samples.
It is not clear what is causing fish death, a theory is, according to fish expert Kenneth Ottosson that damage to the fish causes the fungal spores attach to the fish.
– When they get some kind of mechanical damage so they get a secondary infection by fungi. It may be due to some different things. Hanfiskarna fighting with each other and cause damage to the skin. Then there will be damage to the mucous layer that allows the fungal spores present in the water may attach on the fish and cause fungal infections, Kenneth Ottosson.
That this is so much fungal spores in water may be due to the warm fall. 
– We have had so unseasonably warm for so long now in the autumn. Around ten, eleven degrees then it is extra fungal spores in the water. In addition, it will be even worse if there is little water, because the density of fish higher.
What is with the fungus that allows the fish die?
– I am not an expert on. I think that they cause damage to the skin so they have problems with fluid balance.
So they become dehydrated?
– Well, you might say so, it sounds a bit strange when they are in the water, he says.
Kenneth Ottosson still think not it’s time to worry.
– Certainly, it is much more affected fish in years. At the same time, one must remember gone we have a lot of fish in the river. Then there are more fish may become ill, he says.
Now SVA – State Veterinary Institute to come out and take samples for answers on what is causing fish death.
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