Major Power Outage To 180,000 Households Due To Intense Blizzards In Poland

Power Outages Alert
1250 intervention reported fire due to strong wind and snow and rain, 180 thousand. households are without electricity, damaged power lines and transformer stations, said the REUTERS spokesman PSP Paul Spencer.
According to him, from Thursday night to Friday morning, police intervened 1250 times. Interventions were from strong wichurą and intense snow and rain. Most of them are interventions with the wind, which breaks the tree, tarasuje streets, roads and railways. Such intervention was ok. 750, including in the province. And in greater Poland after 120, and ok. 110 in the province.
Leach added that rain caused the ok. 70-intervention the most. When it comes to snow, the fire carried out ok. 400 intervention: ok. 90 in Małopolska, ok. 80 in Masovia and ok. 70.
“The snow that fell, is wet and a lot of it, which causes the breaking branches of trees and poses a danger to motorists and pedestrians. Removing “-gave Leach.
The snow also caused damage to power lines and transformer stations. According to him, Government Security Centre reported that there are currently 180 000. households is deprived of electricity: ok. 66 thousand. in Masovia, ok. 34 thousand. Pomeranian Voivodeship, ok. 30 thousand. in Lesser Poland and ok. 24 thousand. in Silesia.
“We have information about several damaged roofs due to strong wind, mainly in Wielkopolska and Upper Silesia. In some areas of southern TSO help in snow removal routes, “said Leach. “For now there is no information about the people that were injured or affected in some way,” he added.
In his opinion, the number of reported damage already is large, and very likely that further. The SynOptics refer issued a warning about the possibility of the occurrence of similar phenomena in fourteen provinces in the next two days, as in the evaluation of communication difficulties will surely Frątczak was defeated.
The information submitted by PKP Polish railway lines, it appears that no trains run on the route Katowice, Poland-Czestochowa. On the route of the Częstochowa-Zawiercie introduced a replacement bus services.
Given that the railway network in Poland is passable. Temporary disruption to train movements occur only on the route Warsaw-Radom, where as a result of the strong precipitation, wet snow and wind outside the railway belt to the fallen tree.
Strong wind also caused changes in the three railway routes of Lower Silesia: Christchurch-Bierutów, Bukowina Sycowska-Twardogóra Sycowska and Milicz-Krośnice.
Intense blizzards resulted in breaking the power lines in Lesser Poland, where at least 10 thousand. the audience remains without electricity. Under the pressure of snow flip flop back to the tree. Firemen intervened there 150 times.
As announced today a spokeswoman for Tauron Distribution Ewa Groń, electricity should be restored to the South. “Failures are the morning successfully removed. Most of them we have in Nowy Sącz, Gmina Chełmiec, within there without electricity is about 1.6 thousand. the audience, “added Groń.
Most intervention when firefighters have recorded in the District of olkusz. In and around Zakopane by snow on the road there were few trees; one destroyed the car, but nothing happened.
“Firefighters are still are called upon to remove the effects of snowstorms and wind. Fortunately there were no victims, “said REUTERS spokesman for Malopolska fire Sebastian Woźniak.
Zimbabwe to date have managed to odśnieżyć the main tracks in, but on the carriageway conditions prevail.
Contact Alpine Meteorological Observatory observer on Kasprowy Wierch told REUTERS that on top of an array of extremely difficult conditions: at the top is 67 cm of snow and wind blowing at a speed of over 100 km per hour created more than metre drifts. Temperatures dropped to minus 10 deg c. in Zakopane is already 35 cm of snow and keep it coming.
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