10 TONS of dead fish found in a river in Greater Vitoria, Brazil

Fish Kill Alert
The number of dead fish at the mouth of the Jucu River in Vila Velha, Grande Vitória, is already at 10 tons, on Wednesday (26). Residents say the killings began last Saturday (22). The problem is caused by the low volume of water and oxygen in the river.
The result of the water analysis should be ready this Wednesday and the Vila Velha City Hall said it will send a team to remove the dead fish and reopen Foz do Rio Jucu.
“This generation of fish came in to make the pyramid. They went in to play. So what happened? All this generation of fish is dead. We’re going to have to wait for the river to improve so that another ratio of fish comes in to spawn. The trend is that fish add up for at least three, four years at the mouth of the river, “said environmentalist Eduardo Pignaton.
Besides the problems of sewage, pollution and low level of the river, the dead fish now begin to invade the mangrove.
“It was very important that the city and state government came to collect these fish, which are already dead, to prevent people from eating this material. The risk of intestinal infection is very great. We do not know exactly what’s inside these fish, “Pignaton said.
Analysts at Iema, the State Agency for Water Resources and the Municipal Environment Secretariat of Vila Velha were on site to test and evaluate the possible causes of fish death.
Courtesy of g1.globo.com

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