Thousands of dead fish, plus dead birds found in a quarry lake in Basiglio, Italy

Fish Kill Alert
Die-off of fish, but also of birds, in Basildon, hinterland south of Milan. It happens in a quarry in the country. The fish in particular, as described by some inhabitants of the area, would be attracted by the most water temperature present in some discharges, but not equipped with filters of networks that effectively would prevent the same of “fish traced.”
Once inside of the discharges, the fish would not be able to turn back to the plague here. This explanation, which applies to fish, but can not “work” for the gulls: the Epiphany weekend they were found at least three deaths, around the quarry. The city administration has been informed and is taking care of the matter. The goal of environmentalists is now to determine who has responsibility for the plague of animals, and correct it.
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