Hundreds of dead fish wash up on Hindmarsh Island in Australia

Fish Kill Alert
Hundreds of fish have washed up on Hindmarsh Island in South Australia as blackwater continues to move through the River Murray system.
Blackwater has been working its way down the river system since last year’s floods, with decomposing organic material, including leaves and bark, washing into the river.
Resident Catharina Taylor said the dead carp had created a “horrible smell” and she feared the smell would get worse in the summer heat.
Ms Taylor said she had alerted Alexandrina Council and the State Government’s Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) department about the dead fish, but was told no help to clean up the mess would be offered at this stage.
“Only thing that I actually heard is that they cannot help, they haven’t got the manpower and we should get the community behind us,” Ms Taylor said.
“Two [residents] are in their 80s, and four of us are in our 70s, so you know, that’s asking a little bit too much.
“And there are also so, so many of them [dead fish], you don’t know where to start — if you pick them up, where do you put them?
“We are going to get a horrible smell here.”
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