3 whales have been found dead during past month in Nayarit, Mexico

There are already three whales that have lost their lives during this period of sighting on Nayarit coasts according to the reports of the Delegation of PROFEPA in the entity; The first occurred on December 27 in La Puntilla in the municipality of Tecuala, the next was on January 4 in Santiago Ixcuintla and the last cetacean died only 500 meters away where the death of the first animal was recorded in the Tecuala region on 10 January.
“The three whales that we have already, appeared dead on the beaches of Nayarit were perfectly checked and do not present something that indicates that they have died for any reason other than the natural one,” said Omar Canovas, delegate of PROFEPA in Nayarit.
The official explained that a specialist has been hired to investigate the death of whales in the Nayarit sea; According to one of the theories that were shared by the deaths of cetaceans, is related to the phenomenon of “La Niña” that could cause a disorientation in the animals, until they are stranded and lose their lives, however, not yet You can check this fact.
“We were talking with people specialized in this subject of the University of Sinaloa and the Technological University of Bahía de Banderas, and we are being stressed that we always keep in mind that right now in the sea is the ‘La Niña’ effect that sometimes We find unusual circumstances, it could be this, they did not give it as a reference does not mean that it has to be that, that’s why they are going to do studies. “
Courtesy of comunicae.com.mx

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