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Earth heading for ICE AGE as Sun ‘Goes Blank’: Scientists reveal shocking finding

The Earth is heading for ICE AGE. Scientists have revealed that our Sun has ‘Gone Blank.’ As early as 2019, Earth may experience extremely cold temperatures which could welcome a new Ice Age on planet Earth.
According to researchers, our planet is heading for another ICE Age as the Sun has repeatedly ‘gone blank’ this year. The chilling prediction is based on scientific analysis of the sun’s surface which seems to lack ‘real action’.
According to the latest analysis, there has been a tremendous drop in the number of sunspots. That’s bad.
Solar Flares and large amounts of magnetic energy are released by sunspots.
According to experts, our sun has gone ‘blank’ for the fourth time in the last twelve months, which has led some experts to theorize that a new Ice Age is upon us and could affect our planet as early as 2019. reports that the phenomenon of a spotless sun is going to become a regular thing in the near future.
“There will be lots of spotless suns,” SpaceWeather said. At first, the blank stretches will be measured in days; later in weeks and months. The current blank spell is the 4th such interval of 2016, so far.”
Researchers’ predictions aren’t good. They fear that due to the decreased activity on the surface of the Sun, we could be hit by a cold snap similar to the once which started around 1645 and lasted until 1715. This period is known as the little Ice Age. This period caused the Thames to FREEZE.
But this isn’t the first time experts predicted similar events. Last year, Professor Valentina Zharkova predicted that a similar period could affect our planet in the 2030’s.
“I am absolutely confident in our research. It has a good mathematical background and reliable data, which has been handled correctly. In fact, our results can be repeated by any researchers with the similar data available in many solar observatories so that they can derive their own evidence of upcoming Maunder Minimum in solar magnetic field and activity.”
Speaking to the Daily Star, meteorologist Paul Dorian agreed that the reduced solar activity could bring us a new Ice Age.
So much for global warming huh?
Dorian told the Daily Star: “If history is any guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity for a prolonged period of time can have a cooling impact on global temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom most layer of Earth’s atmosphere — and where we all live.”
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