200+ dead sea birds found washed up on the coast of Huanchaco, Peru

Trujillo: Más de 200 aves muertas en el litoral de Huanchaco
More than 200 dead birds on the coast of Huanchaco
As already announced, Peru is facing a phenomenon of El Niño Coastal. This not only has caused massive rains and overflows in the north of the country but, in addition, the animals would be suffering the ravages of the high temperatures.
Fishing biologist at the National University of Trujillo , Carlos Bocanegra García, said that when the water temperature rises, fish like catfish, juice and lorna do not resist and lose oxygen. “They are fish that live on the shore,” he said.
He also noted that there is a climatic upheaval regarding the change in sea temperature, as it would normally be at 22 degrees, however, reported that sea water is 26 and 27 degrees.
For their part, the birds would be dying because they can not find food. He said that around 200 dead birds have been found along the coast of Huanchaco , but also have been found in Las Delicias and Salaverry.
Bocanegra García, said that we are facing an anomalous phenomenon.
“El Nino is a phenomenon that is generated, it does not happen overnight, but there is a pool of hot water that is in the north and the waters that come from the south are also hot, then that current is coming together” , Explained.
Meanwhile, the temperature will continue to increase and as a consequence, the rains will continue.
Courtesy of diariocorreo.pe

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