Hundreds of dead fish found washed up on beach in Piura, Peru

Piura: hundreds of dead fish appear on Sechura beach
To the Parachique beach of Piura came dozens of people with deposits, which they filled with fish. (Photo: Municipality of Sechura)
Hundreds of fish were found dead this morning in Parachique, Sechura, Piura , by warming sea temperatures, local officials said.
Among the species the presence of lisa, cachema, tramboyo and lids are noteworthy. The head of the Fisheries Office of the municipality of Sechura, Alfo Ipanaqué Panta, reported that Imarpe’s staff is in the area and has reported that this mortality is due to sea warming.
“Imarpe has told us that the sea has been warmed, it has raised the temperature from 25 degrees to 28. That would have caused the stranding and death of the fish.” In addition to Parachique has been reported stranding in Bayóvar, “said Ipanaqué.
To the area came dozens of people with deposits, which they filled with fish. Ipanaqué asked the population not to consume the beached fish until the respective analyzes are carried out to determine the causes of their death.
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