200 cows found dead, ‘due to heatwave’ in La Pampa, Argentina

On Thursday afternoon , when the thermal pierced the 40 degrees , 66 animals belonging to the firm Agronor suffered the consequences of high temperatures. Ceferino Orueta, foreman of the establishment, told MaracóDigital.Net that the steers died infartados. 
“In this area there is little shade, so the animals pile up to generate it, at the same time generate more heat between them and that’s when they suffer the heat stroke,” Orueta said. ” I never saw something like that, it makes me want to cry,” he added. 
The AgroLink site reported losses in fields near Quemú, where 29 other animals were found dead; At the same time, the firm Cereales Quemú would have died about 30 animals.
Courtesy of minutouno.com

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