4,200 waterbirds dead due to ‘avian cholera’ in Idaho, USA

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is reporting that the number of waterfowl killed by an outbreak of avian cholera has now exceeded 4,200.
Agency officials initially investigated the deaths of waterfowl after a Parma citizen reported the deaths on Feb. 9.
The outbreak occurred on private land, and the disease has killed mostly ducks, but also some geese and other birds. Fish and Game crews and volunteers are collecting the dead birds and burying them at nearby Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area to prevent and reduce further spread of the disease.
Avian cholera is not considered a high-risk disease for humans, according to the National Wildlife Health Center.
Avian cholera is the result of infection with the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. The bacterium is released into the environment by dead or dying birds or by birds carrying the disease. Consequently, dense concentrations of waterfowl can enhance disease transmission among healthy birds.
In 2013, an avian botulism outbreak killed about 600 ducks in the same area.
Wildlife officials continue to monitor for any additional deaths and encourage the public to report any observations involving numerous dead waterfowl.
Courtesy of idahopress.com

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