Massive die off of fish found in a lagoon in Cordoba, Spain

The phenomenon, which worried locals, was produced by the intense heat of the last few weeks, whose temperatures surpassed the 38 degrees Celsius. 
Roberto Gatti, Member of Commission directive of the Club hunting and fishing of Laboulaye, in dialogue with chain 3 noted that the main species affected is the silverside. 
“The amount of dead fish is very important, can’t say how many there are, but are many deceased Silversides,” he said. 
“We will wait until a little smell that produce these fish and assess what is what was left. “Have died silverside of 25 centimeters, some large, 600 grams, but I didn’t see kilo, dead”, explained at the time that it anticipated is not the first time that this phenomenon occurs.
“Mortality is very large. La Chanchera Lagoon is the last provincial wildlife reserve that has Cordoba towards the South,”he added. 
As for the causes of the episode, Gatti pointed to the lack of oxygen by the intense heat: “the cause is lack of oxygen. We had weeks of 38 ° and 40 °. Water, the day of the slaughter, was 29th. “In addition there is a microscopic alga that is generated under these circumstances, which is very consuming oxygen and producing fish to die of suffocation”. 
And lamented: “99% are Silversides, though some catfish and carp and bream. We can not do anything, it’s a natural problem”.
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