7 TONS of fish die in fish farms in Bao Thang, Vietnam

According to initial statistics, output of dead fish almost 7 tons of 10 households in Tan Loi Hamlet, Spring Township (Bảo Thắng-Lao Cai) makes people nervous. The phenomenon of fish farming unusual death is questionable is caused by contaminated water supplies.
Mr. Nguyen-Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, chairwoman of the spring Township Affairs said: get reflected unusual dead fish status, the Government has appointed Township officers down to the scene to check, set the minutes and do good advocacy work to the people concerned, the stabilized production; at the same time the report Said district leader Wins.
In particular, households he Yuwen took nearly 4 tons of commercial fish died. He said the family Baby I suffered the greatest damage in the households affected, this fish if not killed, then his family will gather about 150 million.
This is the second time the fish in Spring Township, Delivered an extraordinary death. Last month, the people of 11/2016 village 5 has also been affected due to the waste of the chemical plant in Germany. The fish in the pond of 3 households were killed are factory tested and conducted 45 million compensation and support 1 air filter water for pond fish.
Before the fish die-off status in Spring Township, interdisciplinary examination Division of the Increases Governed include science, technology and environment, Department of agriculture and rural development, the same agency officials in the District of Bảo Thắng, Lao Cai DAP fertilizer production … has been conducting fish sampling test , water, Earth. Dead fish causes abnormalities in question due to the pollution of water resources.
The Agency took samples for analysis, published when there are results.
Courtesy of giadinhvietnam.com

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