Dramatic moment “absolutely massive” explosions rocked London as blasts “shook windows”

This is the dramatic moment a series of “absolutely massive” explosions rocked London this afternoon (Photo: Andrzej Bania / SWNS.com)
A series of “absolutely massive” explosions shook London this afternoon as plumes of thick black smoke filled the air.
In the dramatic footage, clouds of dark smoke rise over shops near Kenton Station in Harrow.
The London Fire Brigade confirmed they were called to the incident and said the explosions were caused by a lorry fire.
Andrezs Bania, 53, started filming after hearing the first of four explosions at around 1pm this afternoon.
Fire chiefs say the incident is now under control.
Andrezs said: “I was in my living room having a chat with a friend of mine and my daughter says, ‘Quick, quick,’ she had seen what was happening outside.
“We went to the window at the back and loads of thick back smoke was pluming up.
“As I started filming a second blast went off and then a third one went off. It was really loud.
“The police emptied the street out and the traffic has been directed away. It’s literally a ghost town now.”
In the video, he said: “There has been an explosion just of Kenton Road near Kenton Station – absolutely massive.
“The fire brigade are going in. There is a column of smoke going high, high, high up into the sky.
“We’ve got absolutely no idea what’s caused this.
“Smoke is absolutely billowing out of the place.
“That’s an absolutely massive explosion. It shook the windows.”
Smoke seen over shops and houses in Harrow (Photo: Andrzej Bania / SWNS.com)
He added: “It seems to be coming out of a single, central point. Smoke seems to be billowing out of one particular place.”
London Fire Brigade said there was no record of any injuries, adding: “We were called at 12.57 and the incident was over for us at 13.48.
“It was a lorry which was gutted by fire and the adjacent property windows were damaged by it.
“We had three fire engines at the scene.”
Courtesy of mirror.co.uk

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